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December 28, 2004

To: Senator Barack Obama, The United States Senate, Washington, DC 205 10. Tel: 202-224-2854

From: Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi, 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093, U.S.A. Tel: 972-380-5106

Dear Senator Barack Obama,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May God bless you, your family and the U.S.A. Amen. I congratulate you on your election to be a Senator, and hope that in the New Year, God will give you moral courage to help those who fight for freedom and suffer under occupation, as Chechens, Kashmiris and Palestinians.

Your electrifying speech, delivered at the Democratic Convention, sent excitement waves for the minorities in America, and I thought Barack (blessed) has the potential to be a great Senator, provided he uses his knowledge fully and honestly, watches and uses his words carefully, and allows his conscience to guide his actions. The greatest advantage of power is that one can do more good for others; and as a Senator you will have enormous power to do good for humanity. Like you, the sympathies and support of the world was with America in the Afghanistan war, but all goodwill was lost when America, basically alone, launched its illegal and unnecessary Iraq war, which was opposed by majority of the people of the world. No wonder, very few respect America today. In the eyes of Muslims, America is perceived now as the greatest threat to the world of Islam. America has the most powerful military and weapons, but it alone has not won any major wars, examples Korea and Vietnam. So, American leadership should realize that military power alone is not enough to win wars and it should use civil dialogue, conciliation and consensus to resolve conflicts through the UN. There was a time when great causes pushed America to greater heights, but now, American leadership has become arrogant and it has lost the high moral ground it once occupied. One reason is that President Bush often says that freedom is God's gift to every person, but he blindly supports Messers Putin, Sharon and the Indian leadership for their continued occupation and oppression (killings, assassination of leaders, rapes, prison tortures, destruction of houses, shops and trees, etc.) in Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine. The people of the three countries are not terrorists but freedom fighters: like Americans in 1775, Israelis in 1947, etc. At this time America's biggest challenge is to restore back its dignity and respect in the eyes of the world, and God has given Barack a chance to change the situation and bridge the widening gap between the United States and Muslim world. But first you must review and correct what you said: In an interview with the editors of the Chicago Tribune you said that if Iran's nuclear program could not be tackled through UN-imposed sanctions, "surgical" air strikes by the US could prove to be the only remaining option. And Pakistan could expect same, were General Musharraf to be replaced by an Islamic regime. It was a surprise, as Pakistan is an honorable country, and it has always been a loyal friend and ally of America. You know that all nuclear powers (USA, Russia, France, Britain, China, Israel, India) have secretly built and continue to build weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? Has anybody asked these countries to abandon or destroy their WMD? Then, what right Western leaders have to pressure Pakistan and Iran to abandon their nuclear programs, which are needed for their defenses? It was India who first exploded the atom bomb in 1974; so, Pakistan was forced to go nuclear. Also, it was Israel who introduced WMD in the Middle East. Your statements represent the neo-cons/ Zionist agenda - an agenda that has damaged America, and will eventually destroy it. So, I hope you will take a constructive path - the peaceful path of Martin Luther King - and not the destructive course, like Bush's reckless American charge towards Armageddon. The neo-cons/Zionist want Israel to annex the occupied territories to realize their age-old dream - a Greater Israel. It will be a noble act if you could help end the suffering of Chechens, Kashmiris and Palestinians, and you can do it peacefully through justice, truth and UN Resolutions. Senator Obama, I don't know if my words will inspire you or not, but in view of the fact that your grandfather was a Muslim, I ask you to read and reflect on Surah number 103 (Al-Asr! of 0uran (The True Word of God) because it is said that if only this Surah was revealed, it was enough to guide mankind. Anyway, on Judgment Day, all of us will appear before the Creator, God Almighty. to account for our actions.


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