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August 10, 2004

To: Hon. President George W. Bush The White House, 1600 Pen. Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500

From: Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093. Res. Tel: (972) 380-5106

Dear Mr. President,

May God always bless you, your family and the United States of America. Amen. In the last four years I have written several letters (copies enclosed) requesting you to use your God-given power and position to help end the occupation, oppression and suffering in Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine. In the Kashmir Valley, about 700,000 Indian soldiers (imagine such a large occupation force operating in the small valley) have unleashed a reign of terror, including the daily slaughter of innocent people; molesting and raping of women; burning of homes and shops; torturing people in jails where many are killed or disappear; sometimes Indians kill Hindus and Sikhs but blame Muslims for it; etc., and these crimes are being committed by the world's largest democracy. In short, India is getting away with murder and massive human rights abuses but no leader has the courage to stop the genocide. The Russian forces are committing similar crimes in Chechnya but no Western leader has the guts to stand up to Mr. Putin to end the carnage in Chechnya. Mr. Sharon's forces are engaged in similar genocide, but in addition they got a green light from the US to assassinate Palestinian leaders and build illegal settlements on Arab lands around East Jerusalem, a violation of international law. Mr. President, you often state that every person has a right of freedom, but, being the most powerful man on earth, if you don't help to obtain justice for the Chechens, Kashmiris and Palestinians, then your words have no meaning. People often tell me that president Bush hardly reads any letters and that he has shown little interest in your noble appeals to end the bloodshed. And always my answer has been that ones job is to convey the peace message, and that only God can change the hearts of people. You may wonder why Khaliq Qureshi persistently and consistently continues his mission to speak for the suffering Muslims. Mr. president, our greatest opportunity in America is the freedom of speech and the ability to take a stand in defense of oneself or for any cause. I feel that, as a Muslim and a peaceful member of the world community, it is my moral duty to do something, in a small way, to end the suffering of the Muslim families in the occupied areas. I have no power or position like your Cabinet Members but being older than all of you - Rumsfeld (72), Powell (67), Cheney (63) and Mr. President (58) - and having worked for about 30 years in an American oil company as a geologist and exploration manager, I feel a connection with all of you, and have a right to advise you on Muslim suffering. In these historic times, leaders have a high moral responsibility to act wisely, justly and compassionately to solve the problems of suffering humanity. Once again, I appeal to you to please review the situation, as stated in my enclosed letters; and finally end the bloodshed and suffering. And the time to act is now because in the remaining two months you still have the power and prestige to influence Mr. Sharon, Mr. Putin and the leadership of India, to come to their senses and end the tyrannies in the occupied areas. Not only the leaders but all of us should always remember that God is watching and recording a Book/ DVD (as Professor Nyang says, with no FFW option) of our actions and activities; and each of us will have the DVD in our right or left hand when on the Judgment Day we will appear absolutely naked before Our Creator, for Accountability. And. if we escape the Justice and punishment of our crimes in this world, then surely we will receive God's Justice on That Final Day.

Mr. President, I have written an appeal letter to Crown Prince Abdullah, President Musharraf and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to make a diplomatic trip to Washington in September 2004 to work with you and jointly create a Super Sonic Peace Map to end the occupation and bloodshed in Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine. Please work together to end suffering in those troubled areas. May all who work for a world of peace and reason be granted the gifts of strength and courage. Amen. Secretary Rumsfeld has stated that terrorists are being created faster than the US could kill them! If US want to end terrorism, then you must act on the advice of 9/11 commission to end illiteracy and poverty in Pakistan, because it is the root cause of terrorism. The best way to help Pakistan is to write off all its loans, so that it can use the interest to educate its poor children. The loan-giving institutions may have already recovered their principals and don't need to further suck the blood of poor Pakistan?

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