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June 16, 2004


Mr. H. Kohr, Exec, Direct, AIPAC, 440, First St. N.W. Suite # 600, Washington, DC 20001

Dr. Elie Wiesel, Nazi Holocaust survivor, 745 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Mr. Steven Spielberg, Movie Director/Producer, P. 0. Box 8520, Universal City, CA 91608

From: Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi, 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093. Res. TeL 972-380-5106

Dear Spiritual Cousins and friends,

Greetings. May God always bless you, your families and the United States of America. Aameen. A 30-year Oil Company career gave me a chance to see life's beauty, excitement, poverty and suffering' and at age 74, 1 learned that 1) the pursuit of happiness is a better vocation than the cultivation of ill will or hatred, and 2) 'truth may hurt a little but it does less damage than lies'. I write and pray you will try to end M-East bloodshed through honesty, truthfulness and Justice,

Democracy is the best system designed by man, but money and self-interest have corrupted it, and if leaders of Democracies will not help Chechens, Kashmiris and Palestinians to attain their just freedoms, then Democratism will fail like Communism, Fascism and Colonialism. The Muslim Holy Book "Quran", revealed by God to the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), provides the only perfect System as justice is its core message. The Prophet faced difficulties and surmounted them with means within the reach of humanity. Earlier Prophets performed miracles but Muhammad's (peace be upon him) magnificent character was the miracle that constitutes a perfect role model for humanity. The prophetic guidance is needed because of man's weakness and his temptations, his vanity, or his mistaken sense of self-interest. For direct contact, God has blessed every human being with a heart that is not only a pumping machine but there is an invisible Divine spark or microchip hidden in its mysterious makeup, that contains the soul and conscience that guides us to what is right and what is wrong. We all need to look into our hearts to reflect on the dictum enshrined in Hebrew word Tikkun - to heal, repair and transform the world.

In the Scriptures, Jews appear to be God's favorite people because He bestowed special favors on them and exalted them above all other nations; but like a spoiled child, they sometimes become greedy and arrogant, and that is why God sent a maximum number of Prophets for their reform. Over half a century ago, Jews suffered terribly at the hands of Nazis, but rose from the ashes of the Holocaust and now they are at the top of their glory. Historically, every time, Muslims conquered Jerusalem, they treated Jews justly, in sharp contrast to Christians. Around the 1000 A.D. Spain, a Muslim country at the time, became one of the greatest centers of Jewish scholarship; and the period 1000- 1300 is known as the Golden Age of Jewish History. During late 1800 and early 1900, Jews fled Europe for Palestine where Arabs welcomed them, and both lived peacefully. So, one wonders why the Israeli Zionists continue to treat Muslims inhumanly, and why the two noble Jews like Elie Wiesel and Steven Spielberg, will not help end the bloodshed and suffering of Israelis and Palestinians? You know that a few brave Israeli women successfully persuaded Ehud Barak to withdraw Israeli forces from southern Lebanon, and Hizbullah became peaceful. In spite of having nuclear weapons, Israel will face moral defeat, just like America and Russia in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Israel will never have security or peace as long as it occupies Arab lands. A freed Palestinian woman states that Israeli interrogators raped more than 15 fellow women - a heinous crime in Muslim culture. Sixty percent of Europeans believe that Israel is the source of instability in the M-East. Many Israeli army men, and recently, 50 thousand Israelis protested that the occupation is illegal and immoral. In view of the above points, I appeal to you all to persuade Mr. Sharon to tear down that Security Wall and think of building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians. Time has come for Israel to realize that forceful occupation will not work, and that it is better to have less land and peace than more land and continued bloodshed. There has been too much bloodshed and suffering in Palestine, and now peace must come to the Holy Land and it can only come through justice and the United Nations Resolutions. Good luck.

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