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June 10, 2004

To: Hon. Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell. Department of State, Washington DC 20520

From: Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi, 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093. Res. Tel: 972-380-5106

American leadership needs new course to end suffering in Chechnya, Kashmir & Palestine

Dear Secretary of State,

May God's blessing be always with you, your family and the United States of America. Amen. For any decent human being, it is unbearable to watch on TV, or listen on radio, or read in newspapers the daily killing and suffering of mostly innocent Muslim men, women and children in the occupied lands of Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine. The leadership of Russia, India and Israel is continuing their genocidal activities in those areas, and it appears as if they have a voracious appetite for the Muslim blood. In occupied areas, Indian, Russian and Israeli forces have raped and molested thousands of women - the most humiliating and heinous crime in the Muslim culture. Amnesty International and others have recorded such terrible Human Rights violations, but the world leadership is not outraged and has no moral courage to end these abuses and tragedies. How many more deaths and rapes, and how much more humiliation and suffering has to be consumed by the Muslims to touch the conscience of President Bush, the leader of the Democratic World? As the Muslims were licking their wounds in Afghanistan where the job to eliminate the 9/11 terrorists had not been completed, a group of patriotic Americans (Paul wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and others) who happen to be Jews, convinced Secretary Rumsfeld and Vice-President Cheney to invade and occupy Iraq, while the iron is hot, in order to make Israel more secure. A large majority of the people around the world, including USA and our neighbor Canada, demonstrated against the unnecessary war in Iraq, but President Bush was bent upon going alone to teach a lesson to the United Nations and the world? It was a blunder to prematurely pull forces from Afghanistan because Al Qaeda leaders had time to slip away. Everyone knows that USA is the greatest military power on earth, so, no demonstration or statements like 'Shock and Awe', 'Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists', and 'bring them on' were needed, because it shows nothing but arrogance. Even a tree bends in humility when it bears fruit. The Muslims all over the world have been struggling sulky with intense emotions that are a mix of anger, humiliation, vengefulness, and a sense of betrayal by the West. The pre-emptive war in Iraq and the actions of a few dozen ugly Americans, related to the Abu Ghraib jail torture scandal, have added to the anger and humiliation of Muslims, who now feel that like others, the American Administration is also after the Muslim blood. Early this year, President Bush sent a group of scholars to Muslim countries to find out why they hate America. The Group found that the Muslim anger is mainly due to America's blind support of Israel and its murderous activities. You know that after the Vietnam War, America was morally down, and it was the blood of Afghans and other Muslims who defeated Russians in Afghanistan, broke the back of the Evil Empire and put it in the dustbin of history, and restored the American honor. But alas! America has forgotten the sacrifices and generosity of Muslims. Gen. Powell, if America is really interested to end terrorism in a bloodless way, then it must use the UN Resolutions and friendly persuasion to solve the core issues, like Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya, as suggested in my earlier appeal letters (copies enclosed) written to you and President Bush. If the democratic leadership of the West is unable to obtain freedom for these people, then Muslims will lose faith in Democratism and it will fail like Communism, Fascism and colonialism. Once again America has lost its credibility and the moral high ground in the world, and you are the only credible member of Bush's Dream Team who can restore its dignity by helping to change the direction of the Administration's strategic vision. Israel has tried hard to achieve security but it has failed, and it will not know peace or security as long as it occupies Arab lands. If Mr. Bush wants to democratize M-East, he should first change his current policy and resume talks with Yassir Arafat who is the symbol of Palestinian struggle for independence and was elected democratically. Mr. Sharon should tear down that Wall and build bridges with Palestinians. Remember that Truth and Justice are the only ways to resolve conflicts and power without justice is self-destructive.

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