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May 28, 2001

To: My Muslim brothers and sisters

Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah always bless you, your families and Muslim Ummah. Amen.

For your information and thoughtful consideration, I enclose a copy of an appeal letter dated May 14, 2001, that I have sent to the leaders of Muslim Organizations in North America. I seek your help to put a word of encouragement to Dr. Agha Saeed, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Imam W. D. Mohammed, or any other leader listed in the letter, to take the lead, individually or jointly, and help in ending the suffering of Palestinians, Kashmiris, Chechens and Iraqis.  

Most of you know that I launched my ONE-MAN MISSION FOR MUSLIM UNITY in 1995 and made a commitment to myself that the subject MISSION will remain the main focus of my remaining life. From time to time, I have sent my appeal letters to inform you about the UNITY MISSION and related activities for other Muslim causes. So far, I have appealed to Sultan of Brunei, the President of Indonesia, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Chief Executive of Pakistan, but no one has shown any inclination to accept the challenge to lead the Muslim World to UNITY. Although my struggle to find a leader of a Muslim country, who will accept the challenge for the noble cause, will continue, I also want to appeal to the leadership of North American Muslims for the same purpose. In view of that, I have come to you with great expectation that the human suffering in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and Iraq will surely induce you to understand the need and urgency to convince one of the Muslim leaders to embark on the mission as envisioned in my appeal letter dated May 14, 2001. One way to end the human suffering is for any sincere Muslim leader to show the will and courage to snatch the opportunity, take the lead, unite the Muslim leadership, and then embark on the noble mission to defend and plead the case of Palestinians, Kashmiris, Chechens and Iraqis in world forums. The suffering will end only when our leadership presents a UNITED FRONT. Although Allah will select the leader and will put in his or her heart and soul the passion to help end the suffering, nevertheless, I believe we have to play our part to encourage our leaders to accept the challenge of our adversaries. Please tell the leaders that TIME has come for them to go forth boldly to deliver the message, and obtain through civilized discussions true justice and freedom for Palestinians, Kashmiris, Chechens and Iraqis. I hope you will give serious consideration to my request and personally talk or write to one of your favorite leader, listed in my appeal letter, for appropriate Action. May Allah reward you for your immediate action. Amen. Thanks and warm regards. 



Mr. Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, TX 75093. U.S.A.
Res. Tel: (972) 380-5106.
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