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May 14, 2001

From: Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi, 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093. Res. Tel: 972-380-5106

Dr. Agha Saeed, Chairman - AMA.
3550 Mowry Ave. Suite 302. Fremont, CA 94538        
Dr. Yahya M. Basha, President-AMC.
1212 New York Ave. Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005
Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi , President - ISNA.
P. O. Box 38, Painfield, IN 46168
* Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Chairman/Amir - ICNA.
166-26, 89th Ave. Jamaica, NY 11432  
Imam W. D. Mohammed (MIWDM) and Minister Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam)
Mr. Nihad Awad, Exec. Director - CAIR.
453 New Jersey Ave., S.E. Washington, DC 20003
Mr. Osama Abdullah, President - IAPalestine.
888 - S. Greenville, #307 Richardson, TX 75081
Dr. G. Nabi Fai, Ex. Director. – Kashmiri 
AC. 733 15th St. NW. # 1100, Washington, DC 20005
Dr. R. Ahmed, President - Pakistani  AC.
29482 West Ten Mile Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48336 
Mr. Altaf Husain, President-Muslim Student's Assoc. 
P.O. Box 18612, Washington, DC 20036

Subject: Plan a strategy to end suffering of Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and Iraq.

Dear Friends, Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah always bless you, your families and Muslim Ummah. It is painful to watch daily the slaughter of Palestinians - mostly young people - and the assassination of their leaders by Zionist forces; even today - eve of Al-Nakba  - Israel assassinated five police officers in order to mix blood with tears and keep Palestinians off-balance. The situation is even worse in Kashmir where Indian forces, in addition to all sorts of atrocities, have raped thousands of Kashmiri women as a part of Indian government's strategy (like Serbs in Kosova) to humiliate Muslims. In Chechnya, Russians are continuing their brutal and evil activities against the innocent Chechens and no one helps them. The leadership of Israel, India and Russia is committing gross human rights violations but very cunningly they call the victims of their tyranny as terrorists and have rendered Muslim leadership look incompetent. Can we accept the challenge to expose their ugly faces? In Iraq, the UN sanctions are responsible for the death of 400,000 children and the tragedy continues. It is sad that the West made such a hue and cry about the destruction of Buddha statues by Taliban but show little interest in the suffering of real human beings (children, old men and women) who are dying daily in the war-ravaged and drought-afflicted Afghanistan, and are fleeing to take refuge in Pakistan and Iran. Also, it is shameful that there are 50 million refugees in the world and 35 million of them are Muslims. Everywhere, except in the USA, the Muslims show a picture of oppression, humiliation, misery, helplessness and destruction - as if the Muslim world is passing through a dark storm, has lost its way, and is looking for a leader who can provide the guiding light. Our Muslim countries have some excellent leaders - such as Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, President Mohammad Khatami of Iran - but no one has the will and courage to take the lead and unite the Muslim world in order to help the suffering Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya and Iraq – the victims. The 58-Member Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and 22-member Arab League have failed to provide an effective leadership, thus, all eyes are fixed on the American Muslims. I believe Allah will accomplish the task of revival through the leadership of North American Muslims, provided they do not dwell on the storm but focus and follow the light (Quran and Sunna) to guide their sinking ship to a place of safety, dignity, and prosperity. The big question is - which among you will show the will and courage to take lead and unite the North American Muslim leadership to speak with ONE VOICE to articulate the Muslim causes? You have already lifted Muslims to a respectable level in the USA, and, Insha-Allah, you can do the same on the international stage. Your positive response will send a resounding message of hope for all Muslims.  

Dear Friends, as you know - through my appeal letters - I tried my best to convince the top leaders of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia to take the lead and unite the Muslim world to help the victims, but my efforts proved fruitless. I believe that Muslim leaders in America will accomplish the desired objective. I offer my voluntary support to Dr. A. Saeed or any leader who comes forward or is elected by you to represent the Muslim leadership in America. The President of MSA, Mr. Altaf Husain, has agreed to give full support of the student community. I appeal to Dr. Agha Saeed to arrange a meeting of the above-listed leaders to plan a strategy to help the victims.

Thanks and warm regards.                     


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