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January 17, 2001

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Dear Editor,

Re: " Clinton Divides Jerusalem" by William Safire,
dated January 04, 2001


Greetings. It will be appreciated if you could publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper 'The New York Times.' Thanks for your cooperation and consideration.

President Clinton's last days in the White House were marked by attacks from a segment of Israelis and American Jewish elites concerning President's proposal to solve the Middle East conflict. The critics claim that the President is undermining Israel's security and dividing Jerusalem; and that he is behaving irresponsibly and is driven by narcissism. Mr. Safire and others are aware that no President in the history of the United States has been as good to Israel and the American Jews as President Clinton. For example, most of the top President's cabinet members and advisers included: secretary Albright, Secretary Cohen, Secretary Rubin, Sandy Burger, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Ambassador Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, Jamie Rubin, Rahm Emanuel – to quote a few.  The American Jewish leaders may claim that they engineered to place all of these patriotic Americans in top policy-making positions in order to obtain a favorable outcome for Israel in the final peace negotiations with the Palestinians, but I believe that it was God Almighty who put them there in order to test the Jewish character and sense of fairness and justice. During the Kosova crisis, the advisers performed brilliantly, particularly Secretary Albright, Secretary Cohen and General Clark, and the Muslim world is deeply grateful to them for their efforts to stop the slaughter of innocent Muslims in Kosova. However, in the case of Israel-Palestinian conflict, the same advisers did not show any courage to stand up to the Israeli leadership and tell them that their policies of colonial occupation and oppression are wrong and that Israel must comply with the United Nations Resolution 242 and 194, and end Palestinian suffering. The Jewish leadership should be thankful to the President; instead they show certain arrogance and blame him for not doing enough for Israel. When a tree bears fruit, it bends; but in spite of their tremendous military and financial power, the Jews have become even more thankless, arrogant and greedy.

Yours truly,



M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, TX 75093.
Res. Tel (972) 380-5106

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