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November 18, 2000

To :      All the Imams and Top Executives of the Dallas Fort Worth Area Mosques.
From :  Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi - 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093. Tel: 972-380-5106

Subject : Muslim Unity and
The Crescent Sighting for Ramadan and Eids.

Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May the blessing of Allah be always with you and your families. Ameen. I take this opportunity to wish you all a very peaceful time during  holy Ramadan and Eid Mubarak.

Most of you know that for many years I have appealed to local Imams and community leaders to come to an agreement so that all of us can share in UNITY Allah's blessing by starting Ramadan on the same day and celebrate the Eids together. I am not the only one who has a dream like that but all Muslims, men and women, have similar views and wishes. Again, I repeat the same appeal  and offer following observations, not as a religious scholar but as a student of the Islamic history.

Every creation of Allah has a beauty of its own. Let us consider            

Love and  Aql (


) the two human aspects - 

sometimes considered as adversaries - that have a greater significance in human feelings. Allah did not create human beings just to pray and obey HIS Commands - if that was the case, the Angles were enough for that purpose. Allah created human beings in order to test the human heart for the love, passion and compassion one has for each other. In his poetic expressions, Allama Iqbal believes that Aql is very important, but he gives much superiority to Love over Aql (mind or intelligence or knowledge) because the life without Love is tasteless and meaningless. Aql and knowledge may bring one closer to his or her goal in life but without the help of Love that journey cannot be traveled joyfully. The dispute about crescent sighting for Ramadan and Eids is a fight between Love and Aql. The best way to solve the issue is through an understanding of the saying of Allah's beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) - stating that when you see the crescent for Ramadan, you start Ramadan; and when you see the crescent for Shawwal you end fasting. The prophet's emphasis is on seeing the crescent - either through the physical eye or through the eye of Aql (knowledge gained by the blessing of Allah). One Muslim group favors the moon sighting through the physical eye and the other group favors the eye of Aql. Both groups are doing the right thing because they follow one of the two interpretations. Every Muslim loves Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), but there are some whose faith
and love for the prophet reaches a madness level; and that is commendable. Iqbal says :

Be faithful to Muhammad, 
 and WE yield Ourself to thee
Not this world alone,  the Tablet
 and the Pen thy prize shall be

The problem is that each group blames the other by stating that their interpretation is right and other's is wrong, and many irritating statements are issued against each other. It is good to have  different opinions but the difference should not become the basis of enmity. The leaders of each group should stop criticizing the other because the blame creates a lot of unpleasantness in the community atmosphere at a time (Ramadan and Eids) which should really be a very peaceful and happy period. If the leaders of each group show certain LOVE for each other, as Allah desires, then we can all celebrate our holy month and the Eid days together. May Allah help us to be able to recognize and practice the will of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). May Allah bless us with UNITY and LOVE for the Muslim Ummah. Ameen.

Thanks for listening and warm  regards.  



Mr.  Mohammed  Khaliq Qureshi

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