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July 15, 2000

Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad,
Guest Poet to the International Mushaira,
Sponsored by Danish Kedah International,
Sheraton Hotel - 7750 LBJ Freeway,
Dallas, Texas, USA.

Dear Mr. Amjad Islam,
Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah's blessing be always with you, your family, Pakistan, and all the Muslims - particularly those suffering due to foreign occupation and oppression. Amen.

First of all, I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Dallas Fort Worth area, and sincerely hope that your visit will be happy and peaceful, and that you will be received warmly not only by the lovers of Urdu or Punjabi poetry but by all members of the south Asian community.

I am writing this letter for a special reason to appeal to you to please create one poem strictly on the subject of MUSLIM UNITY and make this poem as a regular part of all your future renderings or readings at Mushairas around the world. Enclosed for your reading pleasure and information is a selected set of the appeal letters concerning my ONE-MAN MISSION FOR MUSLIM UNITY, and related activities for other Muslim causes. If you read all of my appeal letters completely, only then you will get a glimpse of my passion and commitment for the MISSION, and you will understand the reason for my appeal to you to prepare a poem of your own on the subject of MUSLIM UNITY. I am sure that the following words of Allama Iqbal's will greatly inspire you : 

I am looking forward listening to you tonight and hope that the next time you come to Dallas, you will have a new poem on MUSLIM UNITY. Thank you for your consideration. Best regards.


Mr. Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093. U. S. A.  Res. Tel : (972) 380-5106.
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