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Letter to Gen. Musharraf – request for a meeting PDF Print E-mail
March 03, 2000.

His Excellency, General Pervez Musharraf,
Chief Executive - Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Tel  : 011 - 92 - 51 - 922 - 5403.
Fax : 011 - 92 - 51 - 922 - 5305  or  011 - 92 - 51 - 920 - 4632

Dear General Musharraf,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah's blessings be always with you, your family and Pakistan. Ameen. First of all, belatedly, my wife Aisha and I extend to you our sincere condolence on the passing of your beloved father, Syed Musharrafuddin. May Allah grant the departed soul peace and contentment in the eternal life. He lived on earth a full life of eighty two years, so we should not mourn his death but celebrate his life. While the loss of your father's light will be felt by those whose lives he touched, your future and the future of your family members will shine more brightly because of all he did.

Your excellency, enclosed is a copy of ONLY THE COVERING LETTER - as a reference - that was a part of the large package containing the appeal letters - concerning my ONE-MAN MISSION for MUSLIM UNITY- which was sent to you through many sources: including the Pakistan Embassy in Washington;  and in Islamabad to the office of Brigadier Nadim Taj through Col. Ajab Khan, the Deputy military Secretary; and  Sq. Leader Waqar, ADC to the Chief Executive; and a personally delivered package  to Ms. Zubaida Jalal, the Federal Minister for Education, during a meeting with her in Islamabad. I also provided in Islamabad a copy to the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral A. Aziz Mirza, hoping that my message will reach you in one way or the other. The objective was to have a meeting with you to discuss the subject of Muslim Unity and your role in its leadership, and other matters that may help you, and also a few ideas that would expedite the solution of  the Kashmir problem. Also in Islamabad, I took part in a Pakistan Television  program titled "Current Affairs" in which the subject of discussion was my ON-MAN MISSION for MUSLIM UNITY. In short, I tried my best to arrange a meeting with you while I was in Islamabad but all of my efforts proved fruitless. However, I am sure that at least Ms. Jalal must have personally given to you a copy of my letters, and Sq. Leader Waqar must have talked to you about my message. I  was sorry to have had missed the chance to meet you personally during the trip to Pakistan  (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot) in mid-November and early December, 1999, but  I was not disappointed because I knew that you were extremely busy at the time. Anyway I hope that  you will give me an opportunity to meet you in Islamabad, may be after President Clifton's visit to south Asia. I  want to have a face to face and heart to heart meeting with you first before I talk to any one else.  I will leave it up to your sweet-will and convenience to select the time and place of the meeting, but please give  me sufficient time - at least three weeks - in order to make the necessary travel arrangements.  

In the meantime, enclosed is a copy of the letter I had written to President CLINTON, concerning the Kashmir issue and other matters. I hope it meets your approval. Good luck, thanks and warm regards.


Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel :  (972) 380 - 5106.

Note: (If needed, your office can fax me at 972-735-0260; but the operator must call me at 972-380-5106 before sending the FAX so that I can ask my son (Jahangir Qureshi) to keep his line open for the reception.) 
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