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February 19, 2000

The Honorable William J. Clinton
President of the United States of America
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20500.

Subjects: Pakistan a terrorist state?
President's trip to Pakistan?

Dear Mr. President,

May God's blessings be always with you, your family and the United States of America. Amen. Mr. President, at the beginning of the 20th century Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest man ever to become president of America. He worked hard  to make the United States a world leader. His  motto was "Speak softly and carry a big stick." He helped to end many international disputes, particularly the Russo-Japanese War and received the Noble prize for peace. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, you are the second youngest president, and  just like President Roosevelt, you are working hard - with the motto " Apply little heat and show more light " - to bring peace in many HOT areas of the world, particularly the Middle East, Ireland and South Asia. In the next month you are embarking on a noble mission to south Asia and if your efforts succeed in the solution of the Kashmir issue, then certainly you will get the Noble peace prize. Mr. President, God has made you the most powerful man on earth and America has become the greatest country in the world because of its moral values based on the concept of human dignity and human rights. I know you will agree with me that  the sole advantage of power is that you can do more good for others, particularly those who are suffering under brutal oppression and the less fortunate.           

Mr. President, I am dismayed to learn that mischievous efforts are being made by India and her friends in the United States to convince American officials to declare Pakistan a terrorist state because of its moral and material support of Kashmiris. India is doing all that to cover up its evil designs and misdeeds in Kashmir. In the last fifty years, India has committed horrible crimes and atrocities on defenseless Kashmiris. Since 1989 alone, over 65,000 Kashmiris have been systematically massacred, their houses burned to the ground, thousands of women have been raped, and thousands of children have become orphans and are being cared by Pakistan in  Azad (Free) Kashmir. It is the moral duty of every decent human being and each government to help the defenseless Kashmiris who are fighting to free themselves from the clutches of the Indian occupying forces -  numbering in over 600,000 - that have unleashed a reign of terror (murder, rape, arson ) making Kashmir the Killing Fields of South Asia. In view of India's chilling 52-year record of human rights abuses (as documented in the enclosed brochure prepared by the Kashmiri American Council),  Pakistan was left with no option but to provide the moral and material support to the Kashmiri Mujahideen.  It was the same human values - and not the national interest - that compelled you to provide the leadership role to end human tragedies in Kosova and East Timor. And,  it was precisely the similar moral and material support that the United States of America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other freedom-loving countries gave to the Afghan Mujahideen during their struggle to fight and end the Russian occupation and oppression in Afghanistan. Do you think that the countries who supported and helped the Afghan Mujahideen, Kosovans, Bosnians and East Timorians should be declared terrorist states? Neither the Freedom Fighters nor those who help them in their struggle for freedom are terrorists. India cannot fool the world anymore and cannot hide its crimes in Kashmir. Therefore, it is not Pakistan but India that should be declared a terrorist state because of its state-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. Mr. President, if you focus your gaze to the inner core of your heart you will learn that what I have said is right.

Mr. President, Pakistan is a proud nation and, in spite of all the growing problems it has experienced in its evolution, it had the courage to stand up to the evil designs of the Indian leadership who has done enormous damage to humanity in Kashmir. It will be a sad day when Pakistan will give up the moral and noble principle of supporting the oppressed people of Kashmir. Pakistan is against terrorism and it has given proof of such intentions. For example, many years ago at Karachi airport, Pakistani commandos ended a Palestinian hijacking by storming the hijacked airplane. Also, Pakistan has helped and worked with the American Security Agencies to catch and hand over many wanted terrorists to the American officials. On the contrary, in the recent Indian Airlines hijacking, India did not storm the hijacked plane in Amritsar and let it fly to Lahore in order to implicate Pakistan in the hijacking. In spite of it, some nations consider India as a great country, but India will not earn respect as a great country until it behaves in a civilized manner, respects human rights, ends the oppression in Kashmir and allows  Kashmiris to decide their future in a plebiscite, as agreed by India and Pakistan in the United Nations Resolutions. 

Mr. President, you are going to South Asia at a time of unusual turmoil in the politics of the area. India  and some of your foreign policy advisors want you to skip Pakistan or cancel the south Asian trip all together. Given the prevailing situation in south Asia, an ordinary leader may accept such an advice, but you are an extraordinary leader who has the heart to tackle the toughest human problems. Therefore, on the contrary, I hope you will accept my advice and more importantly the advice of the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency who really know the value of Pakistan's sacrifice and loyalty to America and its interests during the Cold War. Our advice is that you  make a definite plan  to visit Pakistan and meet its leaders and people who respect you for all your efforts to bridge the fault line between the Muslim  world and America.  The trip will give you a chance to find a way to arrange a  meeting - may be even in Srinagar - between General Pervaiz Musharraf and Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee. Your delegation should also  include key members of the Congress who should use the trip to meet and establish contact with the ordinary Kashmiris to ascertain their wishes. Pakistan is not interested in a cosmetic gesture by you to stop in Pakistan for a few hours or so but a quality visit. (Pakistani Americans are not stupid, they know what is behind all the conundrum.) It is not important whether you stop in Pakistan or not, but the most important agenda of your trip should be to convince India to accept your good office as a third-party to help in the solution of the Kashmir issue, the root cause of all problems in the area. There can be no peace in south Asia without the solution of the Kashmir issue.  If India agrees to let the Kashmiris decide their future through a plebiscite, then America and Pakistan should lead the efforts to fulfill India's long-standing demand for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. If India is not willing to accept America's advice then the Kashmir issue should be placed on the high priority agenda of the United Nations Security Council.  May God bless your sincere efforts to help end the Kashmir tragedy. Good luck and warm regards.  



Mr. Mohammed. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel : (972)380-5106. 

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