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August 26, 1999

Mr. James J. Zogby,
President, Arab American Institute,
918 - 16th Street, NW. Suite 601,
Washington, DC 20006.

Dear Jim,

May the blessings of God Almighty be always with you, your family, the Arab American Institute, and the United States of America. Amen.

I thought you had forgotten me, so, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive your telephone call today. I was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the matter of Palestinian sufferings with you in a frank and straight forward manner. As I said during our telephone conversation, I have been one of your admirers for the way you have defended the Palestinian and Arab causes.

In the last fifty two years, Israel has inflicted unbearable wounds, both physical and psychological, on the helpless Palestinians; and there appears to be no real end in sight to their humiliations and sufferings. Everyone feels that the election of Ehud Barak has created a new opportunity for a possible solution of the Middle East conflict, but so far there has been no positive move towards the implementation of the Wye River accord - only empty words. Anyway the conflict has entered a very crucial phase and it is very important that all Palestinians and Arabs are UNITED to face Israelis in the final negotiations with ONE VOICE. But who will take the initiative to accomplish the objective of unity - the UNITY OF PURPOSE. I feel that you have the integrity vision and wisdom to bring it about. It will be a great thing for a eat cause. Will you please try?

Enclosed for your information, reading pleasure and action are a few selected copies of the appeal letters concerning my efforts for the Palestinian cause. As you, will note from the letters, my main appeal has been to the White House because I am absolutely convinced that President CLINTON and the First Lady are the only people in the world who have the power and goodness in their hearts to bring a final end to the Palestinian suffering, I am sure you agree with me on this.

I was delighted to know that you are taking a delegation of Congressmen to the Holy Land and Lebanon so that these noble men and women can see with their own eyes the conditions in which Palestinians have been living since 1948. It is about time. Please give a copy of my letter titled "An Appeal to end Human Suffering in Palestine" to each Congressmen, at the time of departure for the Holy Land so that they can read it in the aircraft while flying For your convenience. I have enclosed  twenty five copies of the letter in a separate envelope for the purpose The letters will help them to have the right frame of mind and feel for the Palestinian suffering. May God bless you. I will be grateful to you for this act of kindness and generosity. Thanks, and warm regards.


Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano,
Texas 75093.
Res. Tel: (972) 380-5106.



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