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June 04, 1999

The Honorable George W. Bush,
Governor of Texas,
The Governor House, Austin, Texas.

Dear Governor Bush,
May God's blessing be with you, your family, State of Texas and the United States of America. Amen.

As a member of the Muslim Community of Texas, I am honored to write to the top Republican leader of Texas and its governor who could be the next President of the United Sates. Now that your promised business in the Texas Legislature is done, you must be firming up your ideas and vision for the forthcoming presidential campaign. At this stage, when you are the front-runner with impressive poll numbers - support of 115 House Representatives, 20 Senators and 24 Governors - it may be useful for you to know the viewpoints of your Muslim supporters in Texas. I submit the following few points for your consideration :

1) The Kosova crisis was a defining moment for the leaders of the United States - a country with very high moral values. The majority of the Republicans who took a moral high ground during the Impeachment  proceedings, sank to a shameful low level by not supporting President Clinton who led the united NATO countries to stop the inhuman atrocities being committed by Milosevic on the innocent Kosovars. The leader of that group is House Majority Whip Tom Delay whose opposition to the American action in Kosova was not on principle grounds but a simple hatred for President Clinton. When the President has committed the Armed Forces for a noble cause, it is the duty of every American to support the troops. The situation demands your leadership to end internal tensions and bring unity among Republicans, otherwise Mr. Delay will do considerable damage to the soul of the GOP that may hurt your election campaign. President Clinton showed a great moral courage to stand up to the butcher of Kosova and defeat him. Also, the Republican who exhibited a great quality of moral leadership on Kosova was Senator John McCain.   
2) On the drug issue, it is better for you to speak out honestly at this time to put a final end to the debate.

3)  One thing that has the potential to corrupt politicians is the flow of soft money to them. If the money is no factor, the politicians will use their CONSCIENCE more often. Therefore it is important to bring about radical changes to campaign finance rules. This issue should be near the top of your domestic agenda.

4)  After the collapse of Communism in 1989, the Old World Order had ended, and there was hope that as the bloody century wanes a New World Order will emerge. So far we haven't seen any framework for such an Order. The Kosova crisis has brought such an idea  into sharp  focus. I hope you will put the issue of the New World Order at the top of your international agenda. Some  intellectual circles are trying to spread a wrong idea that Islamic fundamentalism is the successor to Communism as a global threat to the New World Order. The term Islamic fundamentalism is unknown in Islam and is used these days mostly in false stereotyping of Muslims. The so-called Islamic fundamentalism is definitely not some state-sponsored conspiracy against the west. The Muslims are simply caught up in the historical tragedy produced by centuries of intellectual and cultural retreat, and they know that neither fundamentalism nor terrorism will bring back their glory days. The United States cannot successfully deal with the Muslim world / Muslims - 25 percent of world's population -  so long as it is content to think and debate in false terms as suggested by the intellectuals in the West. A Fair and Just resolution of Muslim issues - Kosova, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Bosnia, etc. -  and a deeper understanding of these issues by the top leaders of the West  is required to bring about a lasting peace in the world. Please give top priority to this idea.

Warm  regards.



Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel :  972-380-5106



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