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April 02, 1999

The leaders of the Development Eight (D-8) Group : 
Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina Wajid, Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
His Excellency Hosni  Mubarak, President of Egypt.
His Excellency , President Habibie of Indonesia.
His Excellency, Sayed Mohammad Khatami, President of Iran.
His Excellency Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia.
His Excellency, Head of the state of Nigeria.
His Excellency Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
His Excellency Suleyman Demirel, President of Turkey.

Subject: An Appeal to D-8 Group leaders to supply troops to NATO to defend Kosovars 

Your Excellencies,

May Allah's blessing be with you, your families, your beloved countries and your peoples. I am sure you have read or heard or watched on TV the horror stories being told by the Albanian refugees fleeing Kosova. The refugees provide a terrible tale of an evil Serb  policy not only to drive out ethnic Albanians from Kosova, burn their homes and  destroy their identities (identity cards, birth certificates, property deeds, passports, license plates) but to kill and terrorize as many people as possible in the process. Albanian men are being separated from their families and nobody knows what is happening or has happened to them. News stories are filled with reports of terrible atrocities being committed by Milosevic and his gang of "ethnic cleansers" in Kosova. All of this cruelty is taking place under the watchful eyes of the most powerful NATO forces. This situation of terror, destruction and death demands an immediate and united action by leaders of the Muslim world. The D-8 nations should take the initiative.  

The NATO air strikes have so far failed to halt the "ethnic cleansing" in Kosova. Most of the military experts agree that ground forces are needed to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians, but at this time NATO nations have no guts, desire or will to deploy their ground forces in Kosova because of political consequences in their respective countries. I believe  the current Kosova situation offers an opportunity to the Muslim world to induce  NATO leadership towards a policy of "ground action" by offering the services of at least 20,000 soldiers ( 2,500 from each D-8 nation.) In fact all the nations of the world should join together in a final effort to totally defeat Milosevic and his gang of ethnic cleansers who have caused so much human suffering, death and destruction in the last ten years in Croatia, Bosnia and now in Kosova. I respectfully appeal to you to please have an emergency meeting, discuss the above-mentioned proposal and jointly offer the services of the D-8 soldiers to President CLINTON and or to NATO's Secretary General, Javier Solana. Please don't delay because the tragic events are moving very fast and a delayed action could render your late decision irrelevant. Thanks and best regards.   

Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093. U. S. A.



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