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December 06, 1998

His Excellency, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad,
The Prime Minister of Malaysia,
Seri Perdana, Damansara,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Your Excellency,

Assalamo-Alaikum.  May Allah's  blessing be always with you and your family. Ameen.       

Last week, I returned to Dallas after completing nearly a month's trip to Indonesia and Malaysia, and had the first opportunity to read your letter dated November 2, 1998, concerning Dato Anwar Ibrahim. I  thank you very much for  taking the time to reply to my letter on the painful subject of Anwar. I fully agree with you that a leader should have a good moral character in order to set an example for his people. It is bad  enough to indulge in sinful acts but it is worse for the leader not to have the courage to admit it. In my opinion, the most tragic thing is that Anwar has given a chance to the Zionists and the West to insult you and Malaysia. ( As you know,  Mr. Al Gore plans to run for President in the year 2000, and hence he wants to say and do everything that pleases the American Jews and Israelis because he wants their votes and money. You can see even the leaders / politicians of the  so-called advanced Western society have lost their decent manners. ) It is really sad that you  gave Dato' Anwar such a golden opportunity to be the top  leader in Malaysia but he blew it because of his stupidity of having more faith in the West than his own people. Dato' Anwar has not only hurt you, himself and Malaysia, but he has also damaged and shattered the cause of Muslim Unity. I know we are all  imperfect, some are more imperfect than others,  but I  believe in your honesty, decency, credibility and your approach to the solution of problems facing Malaysia. I am very much concerned about the fact that our own people are our worse enemies, and that is why I am trying my best to find and convince a Muslim leader, such as your Excellency, who has the strategic vision and determination to guide and lead the Muslim world to sanity. 

Your Excellency, during the recent ISNA annual convention in St. Louis, and at other gatherings in the United States and Canada, I have defended you and your policies because I believe that your actions on the Anwar issue and to tackle the economic and financial crisis are correct and necessary. In fact, my admiration for you has increased because you have handled both crises honestly and with dignity. The West, including Zionists, know that  you are the only Muslim leader who has the potential to unite the Muslim world into one voice, and so they are doing everything to hurt and topple you through various unfair means. I am sure you know their intentions , so please don't resign under internal or foreign pressure and continue to do the right things rightly.   I am confident Allah will protect you because you are on the right path.  

My recent trip to Malaysia and Indonesia  was designed to have a meeting with you and  President Soeharto, but  in spite of my best efforts I was unsuccessful in both cases. Twice  I went to Mr. Soeharto's house in Jakarta to deliver my  letters (copies enclosed) urging him to defuse the current political crisis in Indonesia by setting up a Soeharto Legacy Foundation to provide jobs for the graduating students and the jobless poor. l was informed by his security chiefs/secretaries that he read my letters but was sorry that he could not see me due to the stressful situation in Indonesia. So, I decided to write an open letter to Bapak Soeharto and sent the same for publication in a local newspaper. The letter was published the next day in the Jakarta Post. A copy is enclosed for your information.  

Your Excellency, in the last two months I have written letters, sent faxes and had telephone conversations with many of the personnel from the Prime Minister's Department - including Dato Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, Tan Sri Aziz Ismail, Mr. Alias Abu Baker, Ms. Hamida M.  Yusof, Ms. Ismail, Ms. Laila, Ms. Jalima, Ms. Noreini - and many other distinguished Malaysians, such as Dato Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, Mr. Abdul Latif, Etc., in order to set up a meeting with you but all of my efforts have been unsuccessful. I don't understand the reason why so many members of your staff will not consider my repeated appeals and polite requests to have an appointment with you. My trip to Kuala Lumpur from November 19th through November 24th  was planned for the simple purpose of meeting you but  your people did not give me a chance to meet you and I returned to Dallas disappointed. Before my departure from Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Alias Abu Baker told me on phone that he was not sure if or when I will be able to meet the Prime Minister but he promised to try his best to arrange a meeting and inform me accordingly. So once again I respectfully appeal to you to please give me an opportunity to meet you so that I can find out  from you in a face to face conversation if you will consider leading the Muslim world at this time or may be in the future. Your Excellency, may I suggest any day in the month of February 1999 as a time for  such a meeting? Mr. Alias Abu Baker can inform me the time and date of the meeting through a letter and I will promptly confirm that through a Fax. I hope that this time you will honor my request  favorably. Best wishes for the holy month of Ramadan. Thanks and warm regards.        


M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093, U. S. A.
Res. Tel: (972)380-5106.


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