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November 10, 1998

His Excellency President Soeharto,
Jalan. Cendana No. 8,
Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dear Mr. President,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah's blessing be always with you, your family and Indonesia.

Your Excellency, it was the human tragedies involving Muslims  in  Bosnia, Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir etc., that compelled me to embark on my one-man-mission for Muslim Unity, because I thought it to be the only way to reduce or eliminate human suffering of Muslims in the world. I am writing to you one more time because I am greatly concerned about the  human suffering in Indonesia. I know that in your heart you also feel the same way. I strongly believe that  you are in a position to lift these poor people out of their misery. All that is required is your personal commitment and involvement to help the jobless Indonesians. Newspapers stories indicate that over twenty million average Indonesians are just existing on only one meal a day and that is very tragic. In view of this, I most respectfully appeal to you to please consider the following :

Bapak Soeharto, we are here in this world for a very short time and no one knows when and how we will depart for the next world that is eternal. You know very well  that I have written in the Jakarta Post several time how greatly I admire you for the economic prosperity you brought to this country. I have defended you, your children and your policies for a long time both in Indonesia and in north America. What puzzles me is this. The newspapers are full of stories about the money that you and your family have accumulated. Newspapers report " President Soeharto's wealth ranges from THIRTEEN TO SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS and his children's from  FOURTEEN TO SEVENTEEN BILLION DOLLARS " stocked in Indonesia and foreign countries. I believe that a father has a right to save and accumulate money for his children. However, if the children already have too much money, then the parents should  have no financial worries about their children.

Mr. President, if you really want to help your children and want to safeguard their future, both financial and otherwise, then please use only FIVE BILLION DOLLARS of your own money to immediately set up companies that will soon create jobs for ONLY POOR INDONESIANS. People should not be given cash money but jobs and this must be done under your strict personal supervision. It will be nice if your children and your friend Mohamad Bob Hasan will do similar things in their own ways. This will set an example that the world has ever seen, and that should be the REAL LEGACY  that you want to leave for your country and for your children. If that happens then your soul will be happy and your CREATOR will be pleased with you, and you will live forever in the hearts of Indonesians. Please THINK. Good luck         


Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
C/O Hotel Kristal,
Jalan Tarangong Raya,
Cilandak, Jakarta 12430.
Tel. 7507050.  Fax : 7507110


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