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Letter to Nawaz Sharif, Pakistani Prime Minister PDF Print E-mail
October 26, 1998

His Excellency  Mohammad Nawaz Sharif,
The Prime Minister of Pakistan,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Your Excellency,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah's blessing be always with you, your family and Pakistan. Ameen.

Please refer to my two previous letters dated June 22 and August 26, 1998 ( copies enclosed ) concerning my pledge to donate US $3,000.00 in three installments - each installment consisting of US $1,000.00 - to the Pakistan  National Self-Reliant Fund. Enclosed is a cheque in the amount of US $1,000.00 covering the third and final installment of the three-part donation to the Fund. This will complete my commitment to the Pakistan National Self-Reliant Fund. I appreciate the opportunity to be of some service to Pakistan.
Your Excellency, enclosed for your information and reading pleasure are copies of the letters that I have recently sent to the Supreme leader and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I hope and pray that in the near future once again there will be friendship between Pakistan and Iran, and that soon there will be peace between Iran and Afghanistan. This is a very difficult and most challenging time in the history of Pakistan. I know you are worried because, in addition to the economic problems, Pakistan finds itself caught between the West and the Middle East. 

Your Excellency, for your information and thoughtful consideration, I enclose a copy of another letter that was handed over to Ms. Benazir Bhutto during her recent visit to Dallas, Texas.  The main reason for providing you a copy of the letter is that some of the ideas expressed in the letter, particularly Education of Women, may be useful for other Pakistani politicians. Warm regards.  


M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093.  U. S. A. Res.
Tel : (972) 380-5106


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