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Letter to Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan Prime Minister PDF Print E-mail
October 4, 1998
Her Excellency Benazir Bhutto,
C/O Dallas Council on World Affairs,
P. O. Box 420368,
Dallas,  Texas 75342-0368.

Dear Madame Benazir Bhutto,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May the blessing of God be with you, your family and Pakistan. Welcome to the Dallas Fort Worth area. I hope your stay in Dallas will be pleasant. I do not plan to attend the meeting arranged by the Dallas Council on World Affairs, so I am sending this letter through the organizers of the event to pass it on to you for your information and thoughtful consideration.

Firstly, I do not belong to any political party or interest group inside or outside Pakistan. I am just an ordinary man who has lived in north America (Canada and USA) since 1961. In my early days in Iqbal Memorial High School in Sialkot, I was a member of the Muslim National Guard and took part in Pakistan's freedom movement. I had the honor to see Quaid-e-Azam in Sialkot, and later I arranged a meeting in Karachi University where Miss Fatimah Jinnah was the chief guest. You can understand that I am greatly concerned about the perpetual crisis in Pakistan, therefore, my comments are frank and straight-forward . They are not intended to embarrass or insult you but to provide you with something that could be beneficial for your soul, and may be Pakistan.     

Ms. Bhutto, God has blessed you with many things. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. And you have a beautiful face that is admired by many, particularly in the West, but your western admirers may not remember that " All that glitters is not gold." Almighty God gave you two opportunities to lead Pakistan as its prime minister but both times you were dismissed by your Presidents because of your incompetence and transparent corruption. Once again you are trying to rehabilitate yourself, but this time, are you trying to rehabilitate yourself by the help of Zionists? If you are really sincere, then your rehabilitation process should consider the following:

1) Forget about seeking the office of prime minister for at least ten years.

2) You are already very rich because you and your sister are the sole survivor in Bhutto family, and with your husband's help you have made a lot of your own money - in one way or the other.

3) You should start an education program in Pakistan with some of your own money that you may not need and focus your next ten years to educate Pakistani women so that the educated Pakistani mothers can raise future generation of leaders who are HONEST and SINCERE to uplift Pakistan to the highest level. This will enable you to earn your people's trust and confidence.

4) God may give you another opportunity to be the prime minister of Pakistan because He is very merciful, but your people should not give you another chance unless you have completed a process, such as mentioned above, to become credible again. Once more, your time may come but you must be reminded that " Time is always in favor of those who have faith, live clean and pure lives, and know how to wait, in patience and constancy." Please THINK.

Good luck and regards.  

Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel : (972)380-5106


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