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Direct Action on KASHMIR – An appeal letter to Clinton PDF Print E-mail

June 4, 1998

President Bill CLINTON,
The White House,
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.,
Washington, DC  20500.


Dear Mr. President,

May  God Almighty bless you, your family and the United States. Since the Cuban missile crisis, the world has not seen the real potential of a nuclear war breaking out as is now between India and Pakistan. Western leaders, particularly P-5 nations, are wondering how to deal with the crisis. Diplomats, politicians, South Asian pundits, etc., are talking a lot about the sanctions, incentives and other cosmetic and non-productive approaches but few are interested in a solution of the KASHMIR issue that can simply end all hostilities in the sub-continent. As a concerned human being I feel if we want to eliminate the possibility of a nuclear holocaust in south Asia, then please focus on what I call a "DIRECT ACTION" strategy for KASHMIR. I put forward the following information and ideas for your favorable consideration and action:

Mr. President, please refer to my letter (dated February 19, 1995 - addressed to the First Lady) stating that you should not cancel the May 1995 meeting with Yeltsin in Moscow to show your disapproval of Russia's invasion of Chechnya but attend the 50th anniversary celebration of WW II victory and use the opportunity to talk to Yeltsin to end the brutal war. Similarly, many Americans think that you should cancel the South Asia trip, but I feel that you should make the trip because the current critical situation in the sub-continent has created a rare opportunity for you to make history by helping the parties to solve the Kashmir issue.

The world has finally come to realize the aggressive and deceitful ways of the Indian leadership. In the last fifty years, India has occupied Hyderabad, Junagardh, Goa and Kashmir using brutal aggression,and it has created problems for all of its neighbors. Over half a million Indian soldiers and a network of government-backed counterinsurgents (Ikhwan or Brotherhood) have been deployed to crush the liberation movement  of Kashmiris, and have made Kashmir the KILLING FIELDS of south Asia, as documented in an enclosed leaflet produced by the Kashmir American Council (KAC.)  India had  promised at the United Nations, in  1948 and 1949 UN Resolutions, to give a chance to Kashmiris to decide their future by a plebiscite but it has gone back on its word. Canada supplied a nuclear reactor to India with the agreement it would be used for peaceful purposes only, but India broke the promise and used the material from the reactor to explode its first atom bomb in 1974. Many US administration officials have recently stated "India lied to us on the tests but Pakistan has been honest with us." Indian leaders always refuse a third-party mediation to solve the Kashmir problem because they are wrong. India was the only non-Soviet block nation that supported the brutal USSR invasion of Afghanistan that resulted in the slaughter of 1.5 million Afghans and the destruction of a country. Now, the civilized world knows about India and should not live with their lies. 

Mr. President, Pakistan has been a trusted and loyal ally of the United States since joining SEATO and CENTO in 1954/1955; and always will be grateful for the American help. Pakistanis are a proud people and they want nothing but JUSTICE and FAIRNESS for Kashmiris who have suffered a lot by the evil works of India. Leaders of the Muslim political and religious organizations (listed separately) offer their help and appeal to you to please make it one of the noble mission of your presidency to solve the current crisis in South Asia by using a DIRECT ACTION approach on Kashmir. If Kashmir issue is not solved now, I am afraid the world will regret to witness the nuclear holocaust in South Asia. Thanks and regards.




MR. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093.     Res. Tel:  (972) 380 - 5106    



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