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April 10, 1998

From :  M. Khaliq Qureshi, Coordinator - Muslim Unity Meeting held at Omni Hotel on 2/28/98.
To :  All the Board Members nominated at the Muslim Unity Meeting held on February 28, 1998.

Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah's blessings be always with you and your families. Ameen. You are embarking on a noble mission to unite the Muslim Community of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex so that they will speak with ONE VOICE on issues of Muslim concern. The occasion of your first meeting gives me an opportunity to put on record the following few points for your consideration:

1 Please elect a chairman who is respected and admired by the Muslim Community of the Dallas Fort Worth area so that he or she can represent all the Muslims in the best possible way. It is very important that all Board Members give full support and cooperation to the Chairman to bring the Muslim Community together. Please always remember the example of Khalid Ibn Al-Walid who was replaced by Caliph Omar at the height of his successes. History states that General Khalid was busy in directing a battle scene when an envoy from Caliph Omar informed General Khalid that he was no more the commander-in-chief of the Muslim armies. General Khalid immediately handed over the command to the new commander-in-chief, drew his own sword and jumped into the battle as a soldier. This was the spirit of our early Muslims who achieved miraculous successes because they were both excellent leaders as well as followers.

2) I have observed that most of our Muslim brothers and sisters always come late to functions and meetings. We should respect the value of time and try to make it a habit to be punctual.

3) It is extremely important to become actively involved in the American political system because we will not be able to effectively defend and safeguard our rights if we remain outside the system. We will become very effective if our political leaders and Imams establish a close communication. Islam has provided us a beautiful ready-made framework to communicate our ideas and programs to the community members through our Imams who give Khutbas every Friday. Please use this facility. But it is important to convince our Imams that during the Congressional or Presidential elections, Muslims will support only those candidates who give written or open promises to show FAIRNESS and JUSTICE to the Muslim causes. This simple idea represents the basis of our true Islamic values and our Imams will have no hesitation to speak out during Friday Khutbas about the candidates that Muslims should vote for at the elections.

4) Money is the root cause of all political pollution, corruption and evil. Jewish Lobby is effective in American politics because they have the money clout. The easiest way to dilute that power will be to have it as a long-term goal of Muslims to work for the Campaign Finance Reforms. In America, there are as many Muslims as Jews but there are ten Jewish Senators and twenty five Jewish Members of the House of Representatives - Muslims have none. We must work hard to educate our people about the political power and have Muslims get elected to all political levels - local, state and national. Our Imams can play a very significant role to achieve that objective. This was the main reason why I attached great importance to our Imams in the Muslim Unity Meeting.

5) One of the most important segment of our Muslim community is the Afro-American Muslims.  Jewish Lobby is trying to divide that part of our community and we should not let that happen.

6) Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be a part of your efforts to work for the noble cause of  MUSLIM  UNITY. Now, my job is done.

Good luck and warm regards.



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