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March 7, 1998

Iman Yusuf Ziya  Kavakci, Imam  Moujahed  Bakhach, Imam Yahya  Abdulla, Imam  Moataz Al-Hallak, Imam Larry A. Shariff, Imam Hatim Hamidullah, Imam Omar, Imam Abdul  Bashir, Imam Hassan Al-Haj, Imam  Ahmed  Al-Arafi,  Imam Faayaz  Ahmed, Imam Ibrahim Abu Sarris and Amir A. Hadi Khan. Mr. Ghulam  Jhangda, Mr Amin  Jhaveri, Mr. Sadruddin Nagji, Mr. Syed Mujahid Hussain, Mr. Kazem Nikravan, Mr. Shukri Abu-Baker, Mr. Osama M. Abdullah, Dr. Rebhi Awad, Mr. Mufid AbdulQader, Mr. Ibrahim  A. Sayed, Dr. Bashir Ahmed, Dr. Farooq I. Selod, Mr. Shair Baz Hakemy, Mr. Nurul Choudhury, Mr. Tajuddin Syed, Mr. Shahrukh Siddiqi,  Mrs. Saduman Gurbuz, Mr. Bashir Ashimi, Mr. S.A.H. Ahsani, Mr. Ghulam Warriach,  Mr. Rasmi Al-Mallah,  Mr. Anas Sawas, Dr. Mohammad Khalid, Dr. Amanullah Khan, Dr.  Inayat Lalani, Dr. Akhter Ali Shah, Mr. Barkat Ali, Dr. Yasmeen Khan and Mr. Abid Sheikh.

Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah's blessings be always with you and your families. First of all, I want to put on record my very sincere appreciation to all of you and / or your representatives for responding to my request to participate and help in the First Muslim Unity Meeting held on February 28, 1998. This act of your kindness will remain forever enshrined in my heart. Some of my friends had advised me that it is risky to bring so many leaders together on one platform because it will be an unmanageable and a non-productive meeting, and it would be better to have the meeting of a smaller group, but I persisted with my vision. Probably like many they feel that to try is to risk failure. But I believe that for a noble cause risks must be taken, because the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing; and the person who risks nothing, has nothing, is nothing and becomes nothing. I have absolute faith that our success or failure depends upon the Will of Allah. 

The Community leaders and the AMC executive members who attended the event will agree with me that the Meeting was a tremendous success. The credit for the success must go to each and every one of you. All the leaders made positive statements and showed the spirit of cooperation and tolerance to work together for UNITY. Thanks and congratulations. I want to avail this opportunity to express my special thanks to Dr. Mohammed Khalid and Dr. Amanullah Khan for doing an excellent job as the Meeting's moderators. However, if anyone of you feel that certain aspects of the Meeting or its arrangements were not done as you would have wished them to be, then there is only one person to blame and that is Khaliq Qureshi. I seek your forgiveness for my imperfections. Some of you have asked me about the "Friends of the Muslim Community." Those who agreed to pay for the Dinner and the other expenses for the Meeting were called by me as the "Friends," and they are: Dr. Akhter A. Shah, Dr. Amanullah Khan, Dr. Mohammad Khalid, Dr. Inayat Lalani, Mr. Anas Sawas and Mr. Barkat Ali. The American Muslim Caucus did not pay any expenses for the Meeting but gave the moral support to the noble cause. 

I salute the Muslim Community leaders for taking the first positive step towards UNITY. Please remember that it is good to know where we stand today, but the important thing is where we will be going. In the near future, the thirteen Board Members who were selected at the Meeting will meet to design the future course of action. I played a very small part to bring our community leaders together, but now it is up to them to try to create history. May Allah bless their efforts to make our Muslim Community as one of the best in north America. Good luck and warm regards.


M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane Plano, TX 75093.   


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