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February 12, 1998     



1.  Muslim Unity Meeting to be held on February 28, 1998 at Omni Hotel at LBJ & Luna :

 a)Type of meeting (Dinner or no dinner.) b) Who will pay the bills?  c) Who will be the MC ?
 d) Basic purpose and objective of the meeting.

2.  Basic Purpose and Objective of the Unity Meeting : To provide an opportunity to the leaders of the Muslim Organizations to exchange ideas and find ways to work together to bring UNITY among the Muslim Community of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. The leaders must formally agree to consult and coordinate their activities on the basis of a Division of Labor - that is to divide the work load. One way to accomplish this objective is by electing an " Advisory Board " consisting of five or six community leaders who will supervise, guide and work to protect the economic, political and social rights of the members of the Muslim Community. The Advisory Board and the Group Representatives will elect a Chairman (Head of the Advisory Board) who will be the main spokesman for the Muslim Community of the Dallas Fort Worth area. The Chairman should be - a man who is a standard-bearer for commitment, integrity, honor, intelligence and humanity. The success of this mission of Muslim Unity will depend on the leadership of the Chairman.  

3. The Advisory Board will interact with the Six Group Representatives, as suggested in the attached letter, through regular contacts and meetings to fulfill the desired objectives.

4.  This is a year of Congressional elections and we will be endorsing political candidates. It is essential that we should support only those candidates who not only believe in FAIRNESS and JUSTICE for all but are willing to make an OPEN COMMITMENT to the Muslim Community to support their causes. If we stick with this " Fairness and Justice for all" philosophy, which is the essential element of all religions, then we will never go wrong.

5. It will be the duty of the Advisory Board to educate Muslims on American politics. It should encourage all eligible Muslims to register and vote. It should select certain local, state, and national issues for study and action. It should decide to endorse candidates or political parties   Once they have selected the political candidates, the Advisory Board should pass on the selection information to our Imams. It will be the duty of the Imams to announce this information at the Juma prayers so that Muslims can vote as ONE BLOCK in order to have the maximum positive effect on the elections.                      

M. Khaliq Qureshi


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