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August 12, 1997

Brother Louis Farrakhan, the leader of The Nation of Islam,
Chicago, IL.

Dear brother Farrakhan,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah bless you with excellent health, long life, prosperity and contentment.

You will note from the enclosed appeal letters and the letters on Jerusalem that I have taken it on myself the responsibility to peacefully unite the Muslim world into ONE VOICE, in order to uplift our people to a level of dignity, decency and respectability. It is a massive undertaking, and all that I want to do is to try my level best to accomplish the impossible dream - an ordinary man trying to do an extra-ordinary thing.

Brother Farrakhan, I feel honored to address to a great man who is admired by millions of Muslims in the world because of his dedication to his people and to the cause of Islam. Allah has enriched you with many blessings, but I believe the greatest blessing is your unparalleled oratory quality that has the potential to inspire the Muslim world to rediscover themselves, to wake up, to reassert themselves and to unite them into one voice. The Muslim world is waiting for the day when you will openly decide to join the fold of the mainstream Muslims. To many mainstream Muslims you are an enigma because of your confusing beliefs, but I believe that we should not judge others but ourselves. It is only Allah who can judge us all properly. We only know what others say or do, but Allah knows what is in our hearts and minds, that is, He knows our real intentions. A man does not become a Muslim by wearing an Arabic or a Pakistani dress but by the declaration and practice of his or her faith in the truth of Allah's Commandments contained in the Quran.  We are all His creations and some of us are more imperfect than others. I believe Muslims of all  beliefs should unite their resources to uplift our powerless and hopeless people. Among our 1.3 billion Muslims, we have many capable leaders but none has the vision to rise up to the occasion, come forward and lead the Muslim world to real unity. We seek an effective unity not absolute unity. Only Allah knows who will be the leader to free us from our present state of misery. I believe every prominent Muslim leader has the capacity to seize the opportunity and lead the Muslim world to UNITY, but so far no leader is willing to  do that.  Mr. Farrakhan, you have already proven your organizational skills in many ways, particularly by leading the famous and successful Million Man March in Washington, DC. I wonder if you will be that leader? We are in this world for a very short time and every moment is very precious, so, we should not delay or postpone our decisions till tomorrow because that could be too late. Please act today. Good luck.

Brother Farrakhan, I am making a special trip to Chicago for the main purpose of meeting you and to discuss  with you the above mentioned subject matter. I plan to be in Chicago on August 27th - staying at Congress hotel. I have asked  Mr. Liaquat Ali, president of Kazi Publications and a dear friend of mine, to help us in this endeavor and he has gladly accepted the role. Therefore, I am not sending this letter and the package to you by mail but the same will be sent to Mr. Ali who will personally deliver it to you or your secretary. Also, I will be grateful if you will accept, as a gift, the following two books concerning Dr. Muhammad Iqbal , a world-famous Muslim poet and philosopher, who gave a message of hope and action not only to Muslims but to mankind, and  whose poetry I have used in my appeal letters to Dr. Mahathir :   
         The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam - by Allama Muhammad Iqbal
         Complaint and Answer - A translation by A. J. Arberry of Shikwa and Jawab-i-Shikwa by Dr. Iqbal.

I believe it will be wonderful if your positive decision is announced in the company of many Islamic leaders ( Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui, Dr. A. Idris Ali, Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, ..... ) at the 34th  ISNA Annual Convention to be held in Chicago from August 29th through September 1, 1997. We will discuss such a possibility during our meeting in Chicago. I will be available to meet you, at your convenience, any time from August 27 through August 31, 1997. In the past you have had many meetings with the Islamic leaders, but still I want to try again. I hope you will give me a chance to try to bridge the gap, if any. In the final analysis, it will happen only if it is the Will of Allah. Thanks and warm regards.




Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel (972)380-5106.

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