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July 28, 1997

Dr. M. Aslam Cheema;   Mr. A. Alamoudi;  Mr. M. Ramadan
 - American Muslim Council.
Dr. Agha Saeed;   Dr. Shabbir Safdar;   Dr. M.A.Q. Siddiqui 
 - American Muslim Alliance.
Mr. Anas Sawas;    Dr. Amanullah Khan;   Dr. Inayat. Lalani  
 - American Muslim Caucus.

Dear friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah bless you and your families with health and contentment.

First of all, I thank you and your active associates for your pioneering efforts to educate the American Muslim community that their voice can be heard by following the proper democratic procedures stated in the American constitution. You are the heroes of our community, and as a member of the community I salute your work and dedication. 

As you all know, I am deeply committed to the cause of Muslim Unity. I feel that the main cause of our misery is 1) we blame others for our problems, 2) we are not united and 3) no Muslim leader is willing to lead us to an effective unity. The world events strengthen my faith daily that the unity among the Muslim countries is the only way that can help ease the suffering of our teeming millions. It is really disgusting to see Russia - the killer of 1.5 millions Afghans - again actively involved in prolonging the civil war in Afghanistan. The Palestinians, particularly those living in Jerusalem, continue to suffer. The enclosed  letters to the Muslim leaders indicate that Jerusalem is the main issue in the volatile Middle East that has the potential to trigger a sequence of events so staggering as to shake the very foundation of our today's civilization. Unfortunately, the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference ) has not done anything concrete except to organize meetings. However, the newly formed D-8 Group may have taken the first step towards the goal of unity? I believe the Muslim leaders of north America can play a significant role to guide the Muslim world to unity, but first they have to unite here in America. Here is a proposal on how to start:

1)  Divide the USA into three regions: an eastern area covered by the AMC-Washington;  a western area covered by the AMA and a central area covered by the AMC-Dallas.

2) AMC, AMA and AMC will each collect the details of at least one political organization (non-religious) in each major city of their region, including their president's name.

3)  A first unity meeting of all the presidents of  AMC, AMA and AMC, along with their two representatives, should be held in Dallas and can be organized by the AMC-Dallas. Everyone will pay his or her own expenses. The meeting's agenda should be to simply find a framework for Unity, and to select the sponsor and venue of the second unity meeting.

4) A second unity meeting, named as the PRESIDENTS CONFERENCE, should be held at the previously selected location. The main agenda of this meeting should be to present the ideas - agreed in the first unity meeting - to the presidents of all the organizations of the major cities in America. This should result in the formulation of a body (American Muslim League?) that should speak with ONE VOICE for the Muslims of north America.

5)  Please remember, unless we speak for all the American Muslims, we will remain only  marginally effective in American politics and our future generations will suffer. Good luck.


M. Khaliq Qureshi.
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