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March 7, 1996

An appeal to Afghans to unite in America and
take steps for peace in Afghanistan

Dear Afghan brothers and sisters,

May the blessings of Allah be with you, your families and your dear Afghanistan.

For a long time, I have been a great admirer of Afghan's courage, their natural fighting skills, their hospitality, their pride in themselves and their independence, their stern sense of honor, and their strong and unshakable belief in Islam. They defend their lands and families fiercely. Over the centuries, many conquering armies ( Persians, Greeks, Mongols, British, Russians, etc.) have passed through Afghanistan, but no one has been able to subjugate them. The mighty Chenghiz Khan returned home without the banner of Afghanistan on his lance. The cunning British tried to hold Afghanistan but could not overcome the simple Afghan tribesmen and suffered a humiliating defeat. Then came the Soviet Union. But this enemy was more ruthless than some of the previous invaders-ready to kill children with booby-trapped toys, ready to burn women and old men in the Afghan villages, destroy crops and flatten homes in order to starve the population, use napalm and defoliating agents, saturation bombing and other techniques of modern warfare. But all their brutal methods proved ineffective in the face of the resolute Afghan Mujahideen; and the invader was forced to withdraw. This historical moment triggered the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the world owes a great debt of gratitude to the brave Afghans. These historical events indicate that the Afghans are the bravest and the most strong willed people in the world. And that is why I admire them. But what could be the main reason for the greatness of these people? I have researched the issue and may have a possible answer. Their greatness and invincibility lies in the fact that their ancestors have been blessed personally by Prophet Mohammed (puh); and were also trained under the leadership of General Khalid-bin-Walid,' the sword of God'. An explanation follows :

' Mestoufi, the author of the Tareekh Kozeida, and the author of the Mujmul Ansab, furnish the following records. When the luster of Mohammed's charming countenance had arisen, and Khalid had been ennobled by embracing the Mohammedan faith, a large number of Arabs and various people repaired to Medina, and were induced, by the splendor of the Mohammedan light, to embrace Islamism. At this time, Khalid sent a letter to the Afghans who had been settled in the mountainous countries about GHOR ever since the time of the expulsion of the Israelites by Bokhtnasser, and informed them of the appearance of the last of the Prophets. On this letter reaching them, several of their chiefs departed for Medina; the mightiest of whom, and of the Afghan people, was Kais, whose pedigree ascends in a series of thirty-seven degrees to Talut, of forty-five to Ibrahim, and of six hundred and three to Adam....... . As soon as these people had arrived at Medina, they were, under Khalid's guidance, ennobled by becoming adherents of the Prophet, and they rose to distinction in the empire of Islam. The Prophet lavished all sorts of blessings upon them ; and having ascertained the name of each individual, and remarked that Kais was an Hebrew name, whereas they themselves were Arabs, he gave Kais the name Abd Ulrasheed ; and observed further to the rest, that they being the posterity of King (Melik) Talut, whom the Almighty had mentioned in the sublime Koran under the royal title, it was quite proper and just that they should be called Melik likewise. When he quitted Medina, with the intention to annihilate the army of Mecca, he placed Khalid and Abd Ulrasheed at the head of an Israelite force, by whom such vigorous exertions were made on that day, that Abd Ulrasheed, with his own hand, put seventy Koraishites to death ; and the Prophet predicted that God would make his issue so numerous, that they, with respect to the establishment of the Faith, would outlive all other people ; the angel Gabriel having revealed to him, that their attachment to the Faith would, in strength, be like the wood upon which they lay the keel when constructing a ship, which wood the seamen call Pathan : on this account he conferred upon Abd Ulrasheed the title of Pathan also. Amongst them arose derveeshes, devotees, and saints, excelling both in deed and speech. The Prophet at length dismissed Abd Ulrasheed to return to Ghor and the adjacent Kohistan, there to propagate the new faith, and to direct the infidels to it........'.           
Naturally, as an admirer of the Afghans, I have watched with great pain the sufferings that your people have endured since the brutal and barbaric invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union on December 27, 1979. Although the indomitable will and raw courage of the Afghans kicked the mighty Red Army into the dust bin of history, the tragedy is that everyone abandoned them after such a glorious victory that should be written in the golden words in the annals of history. Further, the Afghan leaders continue to fight with each other and there is no end in sight for your people's sufferings. I believe that the Afghans living in north America (USA and Canada) must unite and do something concrete to bring the tragedy to an end. Please do not look for excuses, and don't blame others. Start with yourself. Organize locally, and then expand throughout north America. Presently, please do not consider yourself as a Pushtun or a Tajik or an Uzbek or a Hazara or a Turkmen or a Kirghiz or a Nuristani or a Fariswan or an Aimaq or a Kochi or a Baluchi or a Saddozai or a Durrani or a Barakzai or any other ethnic group.You are an Afghan, and it does not matter if you speak Pushto or Farsi or Dari. Just look around the Muslim world and see what kind of mess we are in. We Muslims are about one billion in number but we are fighting among ourselves and the world is laughing at our stupidity. All this is happening to us for many reasons, but mostly because we are not UNITED and we have no LEADER with GUTS to lead us in the world. We should not blame anybody but ourselves. So, let us start with ourselves, and first bring unity here in north America among each of the ethnic community. The Afghans in Afghanistan have suffered enough  and need peaceful environment to rebuild the devastated country. I am sure you can bring peace to your country if you believe in yourself. It can be achieved. Just try and try hard and leave the rest to God Almighty. Afghans are the blessed people, as I have quoted above, and they have the strongest faith of any Muslim in the Islamic world. Please let me know if I can be of any service to help you in this endeavor. I will consider it an honor to be of any service to Afghans - the people that I admire the most in  this world. (I have written to the heads of Muslim countries to help Afghans). Thanks and good luck. 
Most of you know that the Bosnian and Chechen tragedies have motivated me to focus my remaining life on the concept of Muslim Unity, and therefore I have embarked on a One-Man Mission to find a Muslim leader who is willing to unite the Muslim world into ONE VOICE at the UN. I will do my part, and the rest is up to God Almighty.

Most respectfully yours,



M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel : 214-380-5106

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