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February 28, 1996

Mr. Ghasan Elashi,
Mr. Khalid Y. Hamideh,
Dr. Shukri Abu-Baker,
Mr. Basil S. Al-Qudwa Al-Hussieni
Mr. Ossama M. Abdulla,
Mr. Rasmi Al-Malah                            

Subject : An appeal for Unity and Peace between PLO, Hamas and other Palestinians.

Dear brothers,

May the blessings of Allah be always with you and your families. Amen.

Enclosed is a copy of the letter that was written on September 10, 1987 to the Sultan of Brunei requesting him to take a leadership role to bring peace in the Middle East and put an end to the Palestinian sufferings. The Palestinian cause has always been very dear to my heart and the letter is just a small proof that I had a desire to do something about it. The idea to find a Muslim leader who can lead, and free the Muslim community from the human misery that they find themselves in, has been at the back of my mind for a long time. The additional Muslim tragedies of Bosnia and Chechnya further deepened my conviction and finally compelled me that the time has come to put the idea and the dream into action. Therefore, early in 1995, I made a commitment to myself that from now onwards the main focus of my life will be to find a leader who can turn the one billion divided Muslims into one united voice to persistently and consistently defend the Muslim causes at the UN. We should accomplish this noble objective not by the extreme methods but in a smart, gentle and persuasive manner. Insha-Allah, we will accomplish the mission.

I don't know any Palestinian in Palestine. Therefore, an appeal for peace and unity between the various Palestinian factions (PLO, Hamas, etc.) is being made through my  Palestinian brothers living in the Dallas area. This voice which echoes millions may belong to only one man but it is sincere and comes from the heart, and whatever comes from the heart has power and an effect. There has been too much blood-shed among Palestinians and between Israelis and Palestinians. There must be an end to this tragedy. One violent act has a violent response, and this tragic cycle will go on and on till one side decides that the time has come to give peace a chance. Please listen to this gentle voice of a concerned human being. Whatever friendship, influence, power or authority you have, please use it to convince the respective Palestinian leaders in Palestine to return now to the path of peace for the good of all. The Palestinians have suffered more than enough, and now they should focus their energies on building a peaceful and prosperous homeland. Palestinians are the  smartest and the best educated people in the Arab world, and with peace they can build their new country into the most envious place in the world. I pray to Allah to shower His   blessings on the Palestinians and their Palestine. God please, bring peace to the Holy Land.  May Allah reward your courage to convey the noble message of peace to the leadership.  

Your most sincere and humble friend,



M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093.
Tel : 214-380-5106   

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