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February 9, 1996


The concept to unite nearly one billion people of the Muslim community originated by the impact of the genocidal tragedies in Bosnia and Chechnya, and the death-like silence of the moral democracies of the civilized world on the tragedies. It was thought that the immigrant Muslim community living in north America is the only educated force that can shake the conscience of the civilized world, because these people have gone through their own struggles and have accomplished a lot by becoming prosperous in the two best democratic countries in the world, that is, the United States and Canada.

There are three basic groups of Muslims in north America : immigrants, American converts, and those born of both groups. The urgency of the two Muslim tragedies, particularly Bosnia, compelled me not to delay the matter and start my appeals to the most populated immigrant ethnic segments of the Muslim community, that is, the Muslims of the Indian Sub-Continent (more than 50%) and the Arabs (more than 25%). As a result, the appeal letters to unite the Muslim countries into ONE VOICE at the United Nations, under the leadership of His Excellency, President Soeharto of Indonesia, were sent to Muslims now living in the U. S. and Canada.

The Muslims that I contacted first were the scientists and professionals, particularly DOCTORS because, in general, they have a much more deeper human concern and compassion. As I progressed, I contacted as many diverse ethic Muslims as possible. Attached is a copy of the latest sample of an appeal letter that was sent to individual Muslims and families, along with a stamped envelop for their convenience. I have left it to the conscience of each individual to act the way he or she feels about the subject.

In the most simple and honest way, I have done my part in the voice of justice. I am thankful to Allah that He has given me the strength and the will to accomplish the first step of the MISSION, as I had promised to myself. In the final analysis, it all depends upon the will of God Almighty. 

M. Khaliq Qureshi.     

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