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Sunday, September 29, 1996

Millions adore first lady

I believe that Americans, including the politicians, are one of the most decent and generous people in the world. So, it is difficult to understand why such noble people will not show proper respect to the president and the first lady. One can understand if people criticize some policies of the president, an elected leader, but to show

disrespect to the first lady is uncharacteristic of Americans. She was even criticized for the time and effort she spent to solve the complex health care problem for the nation. The first lady has shown remarkable grit, dignity and calm in facing the storm created by the politicians and some intellectuals.

Hillary Clinton should know that millions and millions of Americans adore, greatly respect and are proud her for

the graceful and honorable manner with which she has represented America in the international and domestic forums. She is one of the most intelligent and smart Americans. I hope that she will consider running in the year 2000 or thereafter. Why not?


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