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Appeal to Israeli President Ezer Weisman for peace PDF Print E-mail
August 29, 1996

His Excellency, Mr. Ezer Weizman,
The President of Israel,
Jerusalem, Israel.

Your Excellency,

Greetings from Dallas, Texas. I hope that this letter will find you in good health. Ameen.

The election of Mr. Netanyahu as the prime-minister of Israel was a surprise to many in the world and most feared that it will have a negative effect on the Middle East peace process. However, I had believed that God has given an opportunity to a young and new Israeli leader to do something remarkable that no previous leader had the guts to do, that is to take a bold step for the real peace, but it is sad to note that so far Mr. Netanyahu has disappointed nearly everyone. As a concerned human being, I had put forward some ideas for the real peace in my letters to Mr. Newt. Gingrich, the Speaker of the House, and Mr. Larry King of CNN. I had requested Mr. Gingrich and Mr. King to pass on the ideas or the letters to Mr. Netanyahu on his recent trip to the USA. I don't know if Mr. Netanyahu  ever received the letters or not. Anyway, attached for your information are copies of the letters, including a condensed version of the letter published in the Dallas Morning News. 

Your excellency, you are loved and respected in Israel as well as in the rest of the world for your quiet dignity and decency, and the sense of optimism that you have for the Middle East peace. It was indeed heartening to note that to change the present stagnant situation -brought about by Mr. Netanyahu's inaction to move the peace process - you have taken a bold initiative to hold a summit of your own with the Palestinian leader. Mr. Netanyahu's attitude has been very insulting toward Mr. Arafat who is in a strange predicament what to do. So naturally he appealed to you for help. However, the credit must go to you because  it was your decision to get involved and be a catalyst to start the stalled peace process by arranging a meeting between Mr. Arafat and Mr. Netanhayu. I don't know if your valuable  advice will be accepted by Mr. Netanyahu who so far has proved himself to be a hollow leader not capable to lead Israel through crises. What a shame that so much good work done by Mr. Rabin and Mr. Peres is going to waste by the inaction of 'Bibi' or baby leader.

Mr. President, you are the only man in Israel now who has the wisdom and the capacity to convince Mr. Netanyahu to return to the path of human decency by honoring international agreements and accords made by the Israeli government with the Palestinians. I don't think  Mr. Netanyahu has guts to be the bold leader that I had envisioned him to be. So, I appeal to you to try harder and don't let the cycle of violence start again. Israelis and Palestinians have suffered enough and they deserve real peace now. May God bless your peace efforts.

Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093,
U. S. A.
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