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August 14, 1996

His Excellency, General Aleksander I. Lebid,
National Security Adviser and Secretary of the Security Council,
Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia.

Your Excellency,

Greetings from Dallas, Texas. I hope that this will find you and your family in the best of health.

General Lebid, you have a reputation of being a brave and an honest man, therefore I want to speak to you in a frank, honest and blunt way on the tragedy of Chechnya. The war in Chechnya has affected the hearts and minds of millions of civilized people around the world. Mothers of the Russian soldiers fighting in Chechnya claim that this war is illegal and unconstitutional. As a concerned human being, I appeal to you to please do something concrete to finally stop the senseless killing in Chechnya. I believe that you are the only man in  Russia who has the guts to face the reality and end the war by letting Chechnya go free.     

Without any declaration of war, President Yeltsin ordered the brutal invasion of Chechnya on December 11, 1994, and the Russian generals declared  that they will conquer Chechnya within 48-hours. In the last 20-months, the generals have used every kind of weapon to suppress and kill innocent people, level cities and villages but they have not succeeded in their evil aim to subjugate the Chechens. Russia has the power to destroy Chechnya but they will never be able to defeat or conquer Chechens. General Giap, the military genius of Vietnam, once remarked that when the people of a country are united to defend their homes and families, they will find their own creative ways to defeat the enemy, and that the superior weapons of the enemy make no difference. The Chechens, like Afghans, have proven this point.

Beginning in 1552, when Ivan the Terrible captured and destroyed a great Muslim city of Kazan on Volga, Chechens have been repeatedly invaded and brutalized by Russians. In 1944, Stalin did the most inhuman thing of deporting the entire Chechen nation to central Asia where a third of the population died before the rest were allowed to return home in late 1950s. Now, Yeltsin has joined the list of previous Russian tyrants. (We can't blame Gen. Grachev or Gen. Kulikov-they are following  Mr. Yeltsin's orders).

Russia is a very large country with unlimited natural resources, and it desires to become a super power again. Then why such a big country is bent upon killing the innocent people of a tiny republic of Chechnya? If Russia considers Chechnya as a part of their country then is that the way a big country kills its citizens? When a powerful leader becomes too arrogant and commits unspeakable atrocities on other human beings, God makes him commit stupid mistakes that result in his and his people's destruction. For example, Hitler knew what happened to Napoleon when he attached Russia, but still he invaded Russia, and his Russian adventure marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany in the Second World War. Now Mr. Yeltsin's arrogance has clouded his mind and he forgets the lesson of Afghanistan and commits a similar stupid mistake in Chechnya. Mr. Yeltsin thinks that by killing the key Chechen leaders he will be able to crush the freedom spirit of Chechens. He is sadly mistaken. Chechens will prevail over Yeltsin.                    

Mr. Lebid, Russians consider you a hero of the Afghan war, but you know that the real heroes were the 24-millions brave Russians who died in World War II to put an end to Hitler's brutality and barbarism. During the recent Russian elections, it was sad to see poor old men and women (survivors of  World War II) crying for their pensions that have not been paid for months. Don't you think it will be better to stop the war and use the money to pay pensions to these old men and women? Please bring some sanity to your President and convince him to return to the path of human decency by negotiating honestly with Chechen leaders to end the evil war. The Chechens have suffered enough in the last four centuries. They deserve freedom and they will get it one way or the other. I do not know what Mr. Yeltsin's belief is, but even those who don't believe in God have a conscience that tells them to do good from time to time.


Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093,  U. S. A.

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