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Sunday, June 16, 1996


Bold step needed now

The cynical world is worried that with the Likud back the cycle of violence in the Middle East will increase. I believe that God Almighty has given an opportunity to a new Israeli leader. Benjamin Netanyahu, to do something remarkable that no Middle East leader, except Anwar Sadat, had the guts to do - to take a bold step for the real peace.

Eventually, one day (one, five, 10 or 20 years from now), the following will occur: (1) The Palestinians will have their own state next to Israel and both will live in peace (2) Israel will return the Golan Heights to Syria and there will be peace between the two. (3) Israel will leave the security zone in southern Lebanon and the violence will end there. (4) The city of Jerusalem will not be divided but will become the unique capital of both Palestine and Israel. and all the three religions will have control of their own holy places. (5) Israel will become the main economic power.

Mr. Netanyahu writes "leaders must have the courage to do what is required even in the face of the most stinging criticism". But if he takes the course of the previous leaders - hesitation and a go slow policy - then the bloodshed will continue and more innocent lives will be lost.


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