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Tuesday, April 9, 1996

India could solve Kashmir problem


The Kashmir problem has brought much suffering to the People of the Indian subcontinent, particularly Kashmiris. The blame must be placed on Britain, which created the problem. and the previous leaders of the area who did not have the courage to solve the problem, particularly the leaders of the largest country India. What can one say about the Indian leadership that promised at the United Nations; to provide Kashmiris a chance to decide their own future in a plebiscite, but went back on its words? These were the same leaders who belonged to the only non-soviet bloc nation that oppenly supported the brutal and barbaric invasion of Afghanistan that resulted in the slaughter of 1 1/2 Million innocent Afghans and the destruction of a country. But it was the indomitable will and raw courage of the Afghans that defeated the mighty Red Army and threw the Soviet Union into the trash bin of history.

In spite of her military might India's evil ideas to brutally suppress the freedom spirit of the Kashmiris will eventually fail. President Richard Nixon wrote that "evil ideas inevitably fail because they are fundamentally at odds with human nature, but until they fail, they can do enormous damage to humanity." The current Indian leaders can end
this tragedy, if there is a will.

People of the Indian subcontinent are one of the smartest in the world. Those of us who are lucky to live in this great country USA., must individually appeal by writing to the subcontinent  leaders (particularly elder leaders of India. such as Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao) to have the moral guts like Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, to finally solve the Kashmir problem for the benefit of the future generations, and will truly bring in in subcontinent a new era of peace, prosperity and unity for all pearl in enjoy and cherish.

M. Khaliq Qureshi

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