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October 12, 1995

Honorable Madame Benazir Bhutto,
The Prime Minister,
Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dear Madame Prime Minister,

Assalamo-Alaikum. I hope that this letter will find you in the best of health. May the blessings of Allah always be with you, your family and your country, Pakistan.

The tragedy of Bosnian Muslims has made a very deep impression on the minds of every decent human being of this world. A lot of individuals, organizations, and Muslim nations  are doing whatever they can to reduce human sufferings in Bosnia. Rather than worrying and complaining about this genocidal tragedy, I have decided to do something creative to find a long lasting solution for such future tragedies concerning the Muslim Community. The attached letters will indicate that I have embarked on a ONE-MAN MISSION to unite Muslim countries into ONE VOICE at the United Nations. For the last four months, I have personally contacted and have sent the letters (a sample attached) to hundreds of Muslims in the United States and Canada, so that we can all request President Soeharto of Indonesia to accept a voluntary leadership role to unite the Muslim Countries into ONE VOICE at the United Nations. Since Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, and since Bapak Soeharto has been the President of Indonesia for the last thirty years and has established himself as an exceptionally capable leader in the world, this senior leader was a logical first choice to be approached to achieve the desired purpose.

Within a short period of forty years, the Muslims had spread Islam from the Arabian desert to as far west as Spain. The way the Early Muslims were going ahead with their victories, they could have easily conquered all of Europe. IF all of Europe had become Muslim, then all those immigrants who came to north America could have brought Islam with them, and now all of the north American Continent could have been a big Muslim country. But it did not happen because there was no UNITY after the death of Caliphs Uthman (R) and  Ali (R.); the beginning of Shia and Sunni problem. Because of the internal leadership fighting for power in the capitals, the Muslim fighters lost all their zeal and the progress stopped.  
Please consider this for a moment. IF there was Muslim Unity in the world during the recent past, then Muslims in Bosnia, Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan etc. would not be in these tragic situations. IF there was a Muslim leader with VISION, COURAGE AND GUTS who could have kept the Muslim countries united, then there would have been no war between Iran and Iraq. This eight year war alone cost nearly half a trillion dollars - a valuable Muslim resource; and, who can put a value on more than one million Muslims who were killed during the war. IF there was a Muslim leader available at the time, the Gulf war could have been avoided, and all the billions of dollars of material resource which had been consumed and is still being paid for the war efforts, would have been saved; and the people of Iraq would not be suffering now. IF there was a Muslim leader who could have convinced Palestinians after the Six-day Arab-Israel war to accept what they have accepted now, then so many innocent human beings would not have lost their lives on both sides. IF Muslim countries were united and there was a Muslim leader with guts to lead them, then the Bosnian genocide would not have been allowed to go on for four years. We have a lot of good people in the world, such as the Pope, the western Christian leaders, and the leaders in the Muslim world. It is strange that despite their faith, education, and social position, not one of them showed any strength of character and the genocidal activities did not disturb their conscience for nearly three and a half years. IF Muslims were United under one COURAGEOUS leader to lead them, then they should have done something to stop Yeltsin from committing the brutalities on Chechens. IF Muslims were United, then they would have not abandoned Afghans after such a glorious victory (over Russia) that will be written with golden words in the annals of history.

The time has come for the leaders of the Muslim countries to think deeply and give a chance and complete support to President Soeharto of Indonesia, one of the most experienced leader in the Muslim world, so that he can try to unite the Muslim Countries into One Voice at the UN. It is well known that the Muslim armies scored many victories under the leadership of the famous General Khalid ibn Al-Walid (R). Once, when Gen. Khalid (R) was busy in directing a battle scene, an envoy came from Caliph Umar (R) to inform Khalid (R) that he was no longer the commander-in-chief. General Khalid (R) immediately handed over the command to the new Chief, drew his own sword and jumped into the battle as a soldier. That was the spirit of those Early leaders. They were both excellent leaders as well as good followers. IF it is for the sake of Muslim Unity, then it does not matter who is the leader and who is the follower. It is hoped that our present Muslim leaders will show the spirit of General Khalid (R) in supporting President Soeharto, and if he is not willing to accept the challenge, then to any other experienced Muslim leader (such as Dr. Mahathir of Malaysia) who is willing to come forward and wants to try to unite the Muslim Community. This leader must accomplish the mission of Muslim Unity in a SMART way. The unity concept should be based on simple common sense, non-violence, honesty, human decency, religious tolerance, and friendly persuasion. It should be clearly understood that this Muslim Unity is not against anybody. We should work peacefully to defend Muslim Communities around the world, and work with all those concerned to cooperate in a similar way as was done during the Gulf war between the Muslim countries and the western democracies in order to attain justice for Muslims. 

Please help, support and persuade President Soeharto of Indonesia to accept the voluntary leadership role to unite the Muslim countries into ONE VOICE at the United Nations. The future generations of Muslims will remain forever thankful to the present leaders of the Muslim countries for their pioneering efforts to unite Muslims into an exemplary peace loving community in the world. Thanks, and may Allah bless and reward you for this act.

Yours truly,



Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093, U.S.A

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