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Last Updated: Monday, 23 January 2017
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IQBAL'S thoughts on Muslim UNITY and LEADERSHIP


God is inclined to bless but there is no seeker ... To whom He should show the way? There is no LEADER. God gives Imperial status to those who deserve... And He reveals new worlds to those who explore. Muslim Nation's gain and loss is one and the same ... All have one Prophet, one Religion and one Faith. One Kaaba, one God. one Quran ... It is not too much to expect if the Muslims were also one (UNITED).


Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May the blessings of God be always with you and your family. The survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and rest of the civilized people of the world must be watching in great pain the tremendous sufferings being inflicted on the defenseless and innocent Muslims of Bosnia under the watchful eyes of the so called leaders of the western democracies. It is crystal clear that they want to finish Muslims in Europe once for all. But Muslims should not blame the western democracies but themselves for this tragic state of affairs. What a shame that there are nearly one billion Muslims in the world and they have no guts to take a united action even on such a clear cut moral case as Bosnia. Muslims in many other parts of the world are facing similar situations. It is obvious that the Muslim Community finds itself in the midst of the greatest crisis in history. Time has come for the Community to find a REAL LEADER who can UNITE the MUSLIM NATIONS into a UNITED FORCE, at least at the United Nations Forum. Majority of the Muslim world joined together with the western democracies to fight as a united force in the Gulf war. Why it is not possible to once again combine the two to stop the genocidal activities of the Serbians? The simple answer is that the Muslims are not united and they have no one to lead them. Each and every one of us, simple Muslims, can make a difference if we act now to find a Muslim leader who can be persuaded and is willing to take up this noble cause. We should not be looking for a perfect man or a woman but a leader who has the right experience, a long track record, the prestige in the world community and has the true organizational abilities to tackle problems and can persuade people with diverse opinions in a serene manner. President Soeharto of Indonesia is one of the leaders who possess those qualities. Let each of us write a letter to persuade this unique leader to unite Muslim countries into ONE VOICE at the United Nations. This could be the first peaceful step towards reducing the sufferings of Muslims in the world. Recently, I spent a month in Indonesia and a direct channel for letters to President Soeharto is set up through Mr. Toni Hartono Now, the success or failure of this Mission rests not with me but God Almighty.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093, U. S. A.

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