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MAY 17, 1995

War in Chechnya

I am referring to the letter by Mr. Alex Wolvesperges Meddling in internal affairs (The Jakarta Post, May 13,1995).

Mr. Wolvesperges should realize that I am neither a politician nor a religious man. As a human being, I am only concerned with the brutalities being committed by the Russian regime on the tiny nation of Chechnya, calling it an internal matter of Russia. Using such a massive force to kill thousands and thousands of innocent people, destroy their homes, level cities, towns and villages is an uncivilized act. If Russia considers Chechnya as part of their country, then, is that the way a civilized country kills and treats its citizens? What a tragedy that a few days ago Mr. Yeltsin, in the presence of President Clinton and the World Press, stated that there are no Russian soldiers in Chechnya. At the same time, the television pictures show Russian tanks in action and Russian helicopters shooting missiles at small Chechen villages. Russia has the power to destroy and level all Chechnya, but they will never be able to conquer or defeat the freedom loving Chechens.

This is not a religious war and it has got nothing to do with religion. But this is a war between a mighty Russian force trying to suppress and brutalize a peace loving people of a tiny country who want to free themselves from the clutches of the new resurging communists.

During World War III, 55 million people died. Nearly half of the dead were brave Russians who made supreme human sacrifice to end Hitler's brutality and barbarism. Surveys taken in Moscow by news agencies show that about 80 percent of the people surveyed are against the war in Chechnya. Also, representatives of many groups (Human Rights Activists, soldiers' mothers, council of servicemen's parents, several generals and democratic politicians) have demanded peace talks with Chechen leaders and an end to this illegal war in Chechnya, but Mr. Yeltsin is not listening.

Like Americans, Russians are a good people, but America is a super power with great moral authority and it behaves as such. If Russia wants to be a super power, ihen it should

behave like a responsible super power, in order to set a good moral example for smaller countries of the world.

Mr. Wolvesperges, please listen to a gentle word of this concerned human being. Whatever friendship, influence or authority you have, please use it to convince the responsible Russian leaders in Moscow to return to the path of democracy and human decency. This is my last word on the subject at this time, as I don't need to enter into any elaborate discussions with you on the merits or demerits of the Chechen tragedy.



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