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MONDAY MAY 1, 1995

Peaceful world community

In order to establish a peaceful world community~ everyone of us has to do whatever is necessary and possible to protect our communities from violent extremist elements, right or left, religious or non-religious, politicians or non-politicians. The polities of hate, local or international, that is breeding the violence in our world must be changed by the method of persuasion in order to obtain a peaceful world environment.

If every responsible leader focuses on his or her own community, and tries to unite the peace loving people of the community, then these united communities can work together to produce a much improved peaceful world community. Being a member of the Moslem community, President Soeharto is in a unique and enviable position to be persuaded to assume the top leadership role to unite this community. Indonesian people do not fully realize how lucky they are to be blessed with such a genius of a leader in President Soeharto who has been selected by God Almighty to guide the destiny of this beautiful country, Indonesia.



When Hitler was killing the Jews in Europe's concentration camps, the world community kept silent till it was too late for the innocent millions who perished. And recently when Serbs were ethnically cleansing and killing the Moslems in Bosnia, the civilized western democracies kept silent and did very little to come to the aid of the victims of the naked aggression. If an early action by the civilized communities would have been taken to stop the slaughter of defenseless Moslems, the burning of cities and raping of women by Serb soldiers, the Bosnian genocide would not have occurred.

Margaret Thatcher spoke strongly about the shameful silence of the western leadership, and the late president Nixon said that the civilized world would not have permitted the massacres if the Bosnians were Christians or Jews. Now, President Yeltsin and his Communist friends are killing the brave freedom loving Chechens, and the world communities are silent again. It does not matter if the victims of these tragedies are Jews, Christians or Moslems; after all they are human beings. These tragedies will continue till the world communities join together in a united effort to stop them as soon as they occur.


As far as the Moslem community is concerned, a lot of organizations and individuals are doing whatever they can, but 'Unfortunately there is no united effort under one strong leader. In my estimation, there is only one Moslem leader who has the intelligence, the common sense, the organizational ability, the long leadership experience, the decency and the respect of the world community to provide the desired leadership. He is not perfect, but he is a real leader who can unite the Moslem community at the United Nations to act as one voice to make a real difference on issues of human concern. That leader is President Soeharto of Indonesia.

President Soeharto has already accomplished a lot and has conquered many mountains in his life. He has put his country on the road of progress, prosperity and greatness, and has groomed young leaders who can carry on his work. Maybe, President Soeharto would like a new challenge to conquer some new mountains. To unite Moslem nations at the United Nations forum is one of the next mountains to conquer. May God Almighty grant President Soeharto excellent health and long life in order to unite the Moslem community into an exemplary peace loving community in the world.


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