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Chechnya – Letter to Senator Jesse Helms PDF Print E-mail
January 10, 1995
Senator Jesse Helms,
U. S. Senate,
Washington , D. C.  20510

Dear  Senator Helms,

Subject :  C H E C H  N Y A

It will be an act of great kindness if you could take some action on the appeal contained in the attached letter. Every decent human being must condemn in strong terms the crimes being committed on innocent people of Chechnya by Yeltsin and his communist friends in the Russian army. 

One of the news agency reported that a recent survey taken in Moscow indicates that eighty percent (80 %) of the people surveyed were against the suppression and the brutality being committed on CHECHEN. There are obviously many people in Russia who want democracy to flourish in their country, and these are the people that should be supported not Yeltsin and his GANG who have taken leave of their senses and have already lost the war against the tiny Muslim Republic of Chechnya. No matter what happens, the Chechen have won a MORAL VICTORY against the mighty Russian army.

When Hitler was killing the innocent Jews in Europe, the world kept silent. When Stalin sent the entire (100 %) of Chechen to Siberia and forty percent (40 %) of those perished, there was nobody to help or cry or raise a word to stop Stalin. When Serbs were committing Hitler type atrocities on unarmed innocent Muslims and ethnic cleansing of Muslims was taking place in Bosnia, the western democracies did very little to stop Serbs. Instead, some so-called safe havens (or butcher cities) were created by the Democratic world sothat the resident of these cities could be killed one by one by the Serbs, be humiliated by supplying them food as beggars, live in constant fear of the aggressors or eventually die in shame. God forbid any of us are put into such a situation. These situations create terrorists or freedom fighters, or whatever the name one prefers.

Only the American leaders have the moral authority to tell Yeltsin to stop the atrocities in Chechnya. One wishes there are leaders like President Reagan, Ms. Thacher, etc. who had guts to be bold and honest .Afghans defeated the BIG USSR ARMY mainly because of the BOLD LEADERSHIP of Mr. Reagan , the American  President.  Chechens are waiting to hear from the American leaders to give them open support in their hour of need.  Chechen want  nothing but FREEDOM FROM COMMUNISM. If nobody helps these brave people who are united one hundred percent in their cause of freedom, one is sure that God Almighty will. This is not a civil war among Russians, but a war between Russia and Chechnya, two completely different people. in every way. No one should hide behind false notion that this is an internal matter. It is not. For the last three years , Chechnya has been free and nothing has happened to Russia, and nothing will happen to Russia in future also. No breakup of Russia will occur.

Please do whatever you can to bring an end to this human tragedy. Chechens deserve American help and The USA must show solidarity with these brave people and not let them down.

THANKS , and God Bless America.

Sincerely yours,

M. Khaliq Qureshi
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas 75093    
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