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On war in Chechnya

It was indeed a surprise to read the letter by Mr. Alex Wolvesperges (The Jakarta Post, May 5, 1995) and find that we have in North Sumatra a supporter of the Russian brutalities in Chechnya. I would like to set the record straight by responding to some of the irrelevant points raised by Mr. Wolvesperges in defense of illegal and unconstitutional Chechen war, as claimed by mothers of the Russian soldiers fighting in Chechnya.

Although voices against the war have been raised, both inside and outside Russia, the world community is indeed silent, because no concrete action has been taken either at the United Nations or at any other international forum to stop the slaughter of innocent Chechens.

It is true that it is not a religious war, but the. Chechens happen to be Moslems. The American Civil war has no relevance to the war in Chechnya. 7lie American civil war was among Americans, not between Americans and Mexicans


The Chechen war is not among Russians, but it is between Russians and Chechens, two distinctly different people.

Let me refresh your memory on Chechen history. It is not one hundred and thirty two years or so old. Chechens (the people of Caucuses) have been fighting for their independence for the last four centuries. For nearly three centuries, the Czars suppressed and brutalized these people. In 1941, Stalin did the most inhuman thing of loading the entire population of the region on cattle carts/trucks and expelled them to Siberia, where nearly one third of Chechens died in labor/concentration camps. In 1965, the were allowed back to the region.

Mr. Wolvesperges clouds the basic issue of  Chechen tragedy by making irrelevant references to human rights and I the treatment of criminals in Singapore. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew is one of the most decent, honest and smart leaders ill the world today, and his record of human rights is exemplary.

Russia is a big country with tremendous natural and human resources. In addition, its nuclear arsenal is so enormous that it could destroy the whole world if it so wishes. Then why is such a big country bent upon killing the innocent people of tiny Moslem Republic of Chechnya. Russians have used every kind of weapon, except the atom bomb, to suppress, kill and level cities and villages but they have not been successful so far. Russians may eventually destroy all Chechnya but they will not be able to defeat the Chechens, who will rise again and again till they are free at last.

Russians should Stop now the slaughter of innocent Chechens. Negotiate with Chechen leaders and end the war by granting low key freedom to Chechnya. Chechens have suffered enough for four hundred years. They deserve

Have no effect on a big country like Russia. Let Chechnya go free.


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