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April 15, 1995

His Excellency,
President Soeharto,
The President of Indonesia.

Your Excellency,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May the blessings of Allah be always with you, your family and your beloved country, the beautiful Indonesia.

There comes a time in the life of every human being, big or small, rich or poor, when he thinks about the reason of his creation, the burning desire to do something definite, big and better in the  service of his community. The person seeking to do such a thing must sometime escape into the land of dreams. A day-dream can be refreshing and inspiring provided he translates the dream castle into stone and mortar. Every thinker's journey for a NOBLE cause starts alone, but if the intention is pure then he has the blessings of God Almighty with him, and others will join him later, one by one. The question is : "What is the thinker's dream?" Please permit me to explain the situation and the necessary background of this transformation.

For the last three or four years, I have watched in disbelief the tragic events in Bosnia, and the way in which the Western Democracies have behaved. I feel bad that I did nothing, except offering some donations to the Bosnia Relief Fund and taking part in a Demonstration March in Washington DC last year, to ask US Congress to lift the arms embargo on Bosnia so that Muslims could defend themselves. While the Bosnian tragedy was still going on, the New Russian Barbarians launched their brutal attack on the tiny Muslim Republic of Chechnya on December 11, 1994. The Russian Generals had declared that they will conquer Chechnya in twenty four hours, but it is over four months now and they have not yet fully succeeded in their evil aims. The way in which the small force of brave Chechens have fought back the mighty Russian army, without any help from the outside world, has made a very deep impression in my heart and mind about their strong faith and belief in Allah. This kind of Muslims may be destroyed but can never be defeated. It appears that the real Islamic spirit of Early Muslim Days is alive and well in this world, as it has been proven again and again, since the time of the battle of Badar. Although Allah will take care of Islam in His Own Ways, it is the duty of every Muslim to do whatever he or she can to help their Muslim brothers and sisters in distress, as in Bosnia and Chechnya.  The recent Chechen tragedy has induced me to make a positive commitment to myself that I will do something creative and imaginative to help the cause of Muslims in general, and Chechnya in particular.

Since January 1995, I have focused my attention on Chechnya, and have raised a voice by writing and sending letters to all the Ambassadors of  the Muslim countries (have the addresses of only thirty two) stationed in Washington, the White House, key US Senators and House Representatives, key newspapers in major cities of the US, and have spoken to local Christian church group, as it is not only a Muslim issue but a human tragedy that should concern all human beings. Attached letters represent a very small sample of my activities in the past few months.

The conduct of American leadership in the world, particularly in Bosnia and Chechnya, and the response to my Chechen activities indicate that the US politicians, Republicans or Democrats, are not favorably inclined to the cause of Chechnya and that they are not going to help Muslims. For obvious reasons one cannot blame them. The surprising thing is that the Muslim countries are also providing no real  help that can change the situation, and are content with only the lip service to these tragedies. Therefore,  the burden is placed on the average Muslim and the decent human beings of this world to champion the cause of the victims of these tragedies. From all this, I have concluded that the only real and long-lasting way to help the victims of these Muslim tragedies is to find a Muslim leader, who has the  international recognition and has the experience in guiding the destiny of a large Muslim nation. This leader should be either persuaded or may come forward voluntarily and unite the Muslim countries, so that they can act unitedly, persistently and consistently as a united BLOCK/FORCE  in the United Nations to tackle the Muslim related problems in the world. To find, meet and persuade such a leader will be the main focus of my remaining life. Only God Almighty knows how many more moments, hours, days, months or years are left for me to work on this idea. Therefore, I don't want to waste any precious time and have embarked on a ONE-MAN MISSION to find the Muslim leader who can unite the Muslim Nations into a UNITED FORCE. I am not worried about the success or failure of this noble mission because things will only happen if it is the Will of Allah. The failure would be if I don't try to put this creative idea into action, one way or the other. My approach will be slow but steady. I will be flexible, adaptable and will keep changing until I have found what really works. At present, I am re-establishing my personal contacts and building a data base of addresses of individual Muslims and Muslim organizations in the United States and Canada, for the purpose of communicating the above mentioned ideas. At this stage, there will be no organization and none is envisioned for the  future. Those  involved in this matter will have to use their own financial  resources, and nobody should and will ask for donations, because the entire concept is voluntary in nature. Your Excellency, you are the leader that the Muslims of North America will choose to lead and unite the Muslim Nations in the world forums. That is my dream and that is my commitment to myself that I will do everything that is possible for a simple human being to persuade and convince you to lead the Muslim Nations. 

Your Excellency, since my first visit to Indonesia in 1974, I have watched you  with great admiration the beautiful and decent way in which you have guided the destiny of Indonesia. My admiration has grown over the years to such an extent that now I feel that I have known you forever. No modern leader in my estimation reaches the level of your greatness, your serenity and decency. Now that you have fulfilled your dream of  putting Indonesia on a road of progress and prosperity, and has groomed young leaders, particularly Pak Try Sutrisno, I think there are other mountains to conquer before meeting The Creator. To unite Muslim Nations at the UN Forum is the next mountain to conquer.

Your Excellency, please give me a chance to meet you to fulfill my dream.    

Yours truly,



Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, Texas  75093,
U. S. A.

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