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Written by M. Khaliq Qureshi   

September 10,1987

His Highness
Sir Muda Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah,
The Sultan of Brunei Darusallam,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darusallam.

Your Highness,

Assalamo-Alaikum. Acting strictly and only on my individual intuition, I became impelled to write this letter for Your consideration.

People have always been able to solve problems throughout 'human history. No mountain has been too high, no ocean too deep, no moon too far and no horizon beyond reaching. That is how it appears. But in reality, inspite of great technological advancement there are untold problems still unsolved. Certainly there is no shortage of dynamic leaders or brilliant minds/scientists or decent citizens in every country of this world. Yet each community is faced with human problems. The Islamic community, in particular, finds itself in the midst of the greatest crisis in history. Millions of innocent Palestinians and Afghans have lost their lives in struggle for their homeland, and millions now live as refugees in foreign lands. A brutal war between two brotherly Islamic countries of Iran and Iraq has alone cost about one million Muslim lives, and both sides have spent over $200 BILLION on their efforts. Inspite of many attempts to find solutions for the problems, the Muslim blood continues to flow in the Middle East, Afghanistan and some other places, and there is no end in sight. This mostly senseless loss of human life and destruction of economic assets and property must stop. One wonders, what has to happen and -when the right time will come when someone will standup and lead people on a peacefull mission to replace HATE with LOVE, TERROR with PEACE and DEATH with LIFE. The time to act is NOW.

Some people believe that there is nothing one man can do against the enormous array of world's ills, but many of the greatest movements of THOUGHT and ACTION have flowed from the work of a single human being. In  view of this, I am convinced and strongly feel that Your Highness is THE MUSLIM LEADER,who, by THOUGHTFUL ACTION, can free the Islamic- community from the human misery that they find themselves in. This simple and innocent idea originated in my mind the day I read an article in a Dallas magazine about the maiden speech Your Highness delivered at the United Nations in the fall of 1984--amphasizing recognition of the PLO and a homeland for Palestinians. The generosity that Your Highness has shown for UNICEF, elderly in New York and for many many other known and unknown cases is a shining example and proof of the deep concern Your Highness has for human suffering and life. In the article, another thing that made an impression on my mind was the name BRUNEI DARUSALLAM 11 ABODE of PEACE" that Your Highness has selected for the country. No country in the world can claim such unique distinction of being a place of PEACE. I have no doubt in my mind that Your Highness is a man of peace and a man with VISION who can bring peace in the Muslim community, and in fact in the world-When peace prevails in the Middle East and Afghanistan through Your leadership and efforts, other nations will follow the example and a peaceful world will emerge for all nations to live and enjoy. Once peace is achieved, the name of Your Highness will remain forever enshrined in the hearts and minds of generations to come; and BRUNEI will reach the height of respect and glory, much higher than that achieved during the -fourteenth, to sixteenth centuries. I feel that Brunei Darusallam. is destined to secure a glorious place in history.

The quest of peace should start with Palestinians as they have suffered the most and for a very long period of time. Moreover, the issue of Palestinian homeland is the root of all Middle East problems. What is required is an honest assessment of the current situation and putting into action a new peaceful strategy for PEACE. I have developed some IDEAS on the subject and also it is my dream to put those ideas into action for the benefit of my Muslim community. Therefore, it will be a great honour if Your Highness will grant me an opportunity to visit Brunei and personally present those IDEAS for consideration. I desire to spend the rest of my active life in the service of Your Highness in the promotion and realization of PEACE for the Muslim community.

Recently, I had a brief meeting with President Jimmy Carter who was visiting Dallas to promote his new book. I was impressed and was inspired by this man of peace. Mr. Carter pointed out sane ways to work on promotion of peace in the Middle East. However, it is my humble feeling that only a young and a new Muslim leader of a new country having the highest respect in the world community will have the sure chance of success in dealing directly with Palestinian ( PLO ) leaders than a non-Muslim leader. I am absolutely convinced that Your Highness is that leader.

Your Highness, for information purpose it is appropriate that I should introduce myself, an unknown individual. I was born and brought up in Sialkot, Pakistan. ( The city of Sialkot is the birth-place of Dr. Sir Mohammed Iqbal, a famous Pakistani poet, philosopher and statesman. Iqbal was the first person who concieved and supplied the intellectual basis for t17E. idea of Pakistan.) Now, I am a Canadian citizen and have been living in Piano ( a suburb of Dallas ) Texas as a resident alien. Recently, I took an early retirement, at age fifty six, from Sun Exploration Company where I have been working continuously for the past twenty-nine years as a professional geologist and manager. I had been planning to take this early retirement step in order to fulfill a worthy dream or the Idea that occurred to me when I read the article on Brunei Darusallam - the abode of PEACE. A continuous and long service with one Company indicates that this individual has at least two characteristics, LOYALTY and STABILITY.

Most respectfully and sincerely I would like to THANK Your Highness for the opportunity given to me to present this letter for Your consideration and action. I will anxiously wait for Your decision which INSHA-ALLAH ( God Willing) will be a positive one. I am getting ready to go to Brunei Darusallam anytime Your Highness desires. Your Wish is my command. Starting today, I will begin learning Bahasa Brunei (Malay). If convenient, may I respectfully suggest the date of September 23, 1987 as the date of my presentation in Brunei.

My wife Aisha joins me in wishing Your Highness a long life, excellent health, happiness always and prosperity.

Very Truly Yours


M. Khaliq Qureshi
1317 Shamrock Lane Plano, Texas 75075
Tel. (214) 3801738

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