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Last Updated: Monday, 23 January 2017
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Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi was born in Sailkot, Pakistan - also the birthplace of Islam's poet-philosopher Dr. Mohammad Iqbal and the great Urdu poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz.  It was in 1995 (the year he launched his One-Man Mission For Muslim Unity) that I first came to know Mr. Qureshi and his efforts to do something to bring Muslims together so that they speak with One-voice on issues of Muslim concern.  In the last seven years, I have observed, listened and met Khaliq at many Muslim conventions held in the United States of America.  In particular, I have received and read many of his unique appeal letters - written to many Muslim and non-Muslim leaders of the world- seeking fairness and justice for the suffering Muslims in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir, Gujrat and Palestine. At the urging of many of his friends, Khaliq has compiled a major portion of his appeal letters in the form of this book that is in your hand.  I am delighted to write a foreword for the book.

Allah blessed Mr. Qureshi tremendously with strong Islamic faith, good family, high education and professional career and of course with good health and active life of over seventy years.  It has been his desire to do his duty and something unique to justify his creation as a human being. 

Allah has blessed the Muslim world with plenty of human and material resources.  Above all, the Most Merciful Lord has granted Muslims the message and mission that can guide the whole humanity and transform the entire world into an earthly paradise. In spite of all this we are failing ourselves and failing the world. For a very long time, Muslims around the world have been going through much suffering and humiliation. One of the main reasons for this tragedy is that we are not united and there is no leader or group of leaders who are courageous enough to come forward to unite this Ummah. 

Mr. Qureshi started this mission for Muslim Unity by urging Muslims leaders all over the world to take up this important role in order to end the long suffering of the Ummah and the world.  Mr. Qureshi wished to accomplish this objective through civilized dialogue and friendly persuasion.  He is a man of peace and reconciliation and knows the power of ideas and pen. He decided to work with a letter writing campaign.

Mr. Qureshi has also written letters to non-Muslim leaders of US and Canada and has published letters in the American and foreign newspapers focusing on the plight of Muslims in the world, particularly Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir, Gujrat and Palestine.  He is an untiring soul and keeps working passionately to make this world a better place for all of us.

I had the opportunity to read most of Mr. Qureshi's appeal letters concerning his One-Man Mission for Muslim Unity and related activities for other Muslim and humanitarian causes.  I may agree or disagree with some of his views and evaluations of some leaders; nevertheless I am deeply impressed with his courage, passion and enthusiasm.  I believe that these letters are a rich source of inspiration for all of us and especially for our younger generations. 

I am pleased to know that Mr. Qureshi has decided to publish these appeal letters in a book form and want to distribute this book freely to the leaders of all Muslim countries and to the libraries of major universities.  I hope these letters will inspire others and this One-Man Mission for Muslim Unity will become our main objective and we shall see its realization soon.

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi
Former President of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
Director of the Islamic Society of Orange County, Garden Grove, California
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