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October 29, 2004

From: Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi, 1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX 75093.
Tel: 972-380-5106

To My Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam

Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah always bless you, your families and all the Muslim families suffering due to foreign occupation and oppression in the world, and give strength and courage to those who are fighting for Justice, freedom, and peace. Amen. I take this opportunity to wish you all Eid Mubarak.

It was the continued suffering of Muslims in the occupied areas, particularly Chechnya. Kashmir and Palestine that induced me to launch my ONE-MAN MISSION FOR MUSLIM UNITY in 1995. I made a commitment to myself that the MISSION will remain the main focus of my remaining life. and I will finance it with my own God-given resources.  I had thought that one way to end the human suffering was to find a courageous and compassionate Muslim leader who will snatch the opportunity, work actively to unite the Muslim leadership so that they will speak with One Voice, and defend the issues of the oppressed Muslims m world forums. I believe Allah will select the leader and will put in his or her heart and soul the passion to help end the suffering, nevertheless, I decided that, in a humble way, I should play my part to encourage our leaders to accept the noble task. So, I went on search for the leader, not a religious leader but any recognized Muslim leader, to plead the case. So far, I have appealed to the top leaders of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan, but no one has shown the courage to accept the challenge. However, the OIC leadership unanimously adopted the proposals submitted by Pakistan, to evolve an effective strategy to secure real justice for the suffering Muslims of the world. Currently a Pakistani leader (probably Senator Mushahid Hussem Syed) is preparing the strategic report to be presented at the next OIC meeting? Praise be to Allah that the seed I planted in the hearts and minds of Dr. Mahathir and Gen. Musharraf has borne fruit that will mature in time.

You will agree with me that it is unbearable to watch the daily news of atrocities being committed by the soldiers of Putin, Sharon and Indian leadership in the occupied areas of Chechnya, Palestine and Kashmir. I have extensively written to the leaders of the civilized world, both Muslims and non-Muslims, about the massive human rights abuses, but it is strange that there is no outrage and no action to stop the carnage. If the leaders will not act, then we should pray/appeal to Allah to change the hearts of the oppressors to stop the zulm. I will continue to write letters to the leaders, however, one can feel it is a big task to change the evil mindset of an oppressor to stop the bloodshed. I am reminded of Iqbal's followmg lines on his painful feelings about the condition of Muslims near the end his life:

Why did you banish me from the paradise ?

World's mission is long, now wait for my return


Often my friends have told me to use the modern technology for communication with Muslims. Consequently, I am partly inclined to take their advice, and I will make use of the Internet as needed. So. I will update my book (already available on our Website: by posting the future important letters on the Website. It is time to give some partial rest to my right hand that wrote for every project nearly 750 addresses on envelopes to give a personal touch to the Mission. Also, my cartographic pen, that has served the Mission faithfully, deserves some rest. I avail this opportunity to thank all those who have used some kind words for my work, and also those who have been critical of my Mission. Above all, I am deeply grateful to my dear friend, Mr. Farooq Khan, and his lovely wife Rehana, for the sincere support they gave to project the Mission's objective. In addition, I want to put on record my heart-felt appreciation to brother Farooq for financing the major part of the printing and Website development costs of the book titled "A One-Man Mission For Muslim Unity." He is a true friend and a noble man, and I believe that his true reward is safe with the Almighty. Allah Hafiz.

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