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October 10, 2004

To: His Excellency, J. L. Rodriguez Zapatero, Prime Minister, Kingdom of Spam, Madrid, Spain

His Excellency, Gerhard Schroeder, Chancellor, Fed. Republic of Germeny, Berlin, Germany

His Excellency, Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic, Paris, France

From: Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi, 1317 Shamrock Ln, Plano, TX 75093, U.S.A. Tel: 972-380-5106

European Leaders can end Human Suffering in Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine

Your Excellencies,

Greetings. May the blessing of God be always with you, your families and your countries. Amen. Recently, Spain observed the six-month anniversary of the Madrid commuter trains bombing that killed 191 people and wounded hundreds. Mr. J. L. R. Zapatero. Prime Minister of Spain welcomed President Chirac of France and Chancellor Schroeder to Madrid for the occasion and the three leaders (The Europeans Trios) agreed to pursue a united approach to address the anger and despair among Muslims in the Middle East and those who come as immigrants to Europe. and who sometime become recruits for terrorist groups. I was greatly impressed by this wise and sensible approach. The Moroccan terrorists, with Iinks to al-Qaeda, were blamed for the carnage. I take this opportunity to offer my sympathies to the victim's families and the people of Spain. As a peaceful Muslim, I was ashamed to know that the people who committed the Madrid and September-11 attacks were Muslims. Humanity is concerned with all kinds of individual, group and State terrorisms, because majority of the victims of all these crimes are innocent human beings. As an example of the State terrorism, I am saddened to report that every day dozens of innocent men, women and children are being killed, women being raped, houses and shops being burned or bulldozed and their leaders are being assassinated and jailed by the soldiers of Russia, Israel and India in the occupied areas of Chechnya, Palestine and Kashmir, but America, the leader of the Western Democracies is not willing to accept the challenge and end the massive human rights abuses and suffering of the Muslims in the conflict areas. Mr. Putin, Mr. Sharon and Indian leaders are committing the most brutal and heinous crimes against humanity by wearing the cloak of 'fighting terrorism', but in fact they have unleashed their own State terrorism on the powerless people of Chechnya, Palestine and Kashmir. These actions are creating more terrorists, both individuals and groups. Can the European Trios obtain justice and freedom for the victims?

In these turbulent times, it matters much, not only to us, but also to the world, how Muslims and Christians will work together to solve problems of humanity and end suffering of people in areas such as mentioned above. What we need is better knowledge, acceptance and respect for the differences in each other's Faiths. It is tragic that a few Christian leaders (Frank Graham, John Followill and Pat. Robertson) have used abusive & inflammatory words like terrorist for God's Last Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). it shows their ignorance, illiteracy or hatred for Islam and Muslims. Your Excellencies, your positive and peaceful stand, particularly by President Chirac and Chancellor Schroeder, against the invasion of Iraq represented the sentiments of the majority of people of the world. The Iraq war was wrong, unnecessary and avoidable and it showed nothing but arrogance of power. American Constitution stands for human decency and dignity, human rights and civil liberties, freedom of religion and speech but due to the illegal action in Iraq, America has lost its moral high ground in the world. Some statements of Messrs Bush. Cheney, Kerry, Edwards and Obama indicate that their parties represent two faces of the same coin. and it doesn't matter who wins the presidential election. So, to end the bloodshed and suffering in Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine (the root causes of terrorism), you must lead the world towards a peaceful direction. Here is a peaceful suggestion: Before Christmas, please arrange a meeting with the winner of the Presidential election, forgive America and start a new peaceful chapter with the American leadership: focus first on the solution of the Palestine and Kashmir problems in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolutions: and then meet with Mr. Putin who must be persuaded to fulfill the decision made by Mr. Yeltsim and Gen. Lebid to grant freedom to Chechnya. Please seize the opportunity and put the world on a peaceful course. Enclosed are copies of letters written to President Bush and Jewish leaders on the similar subject.

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