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December 18, 2001

His Excellency Kofi Annan,
Secretary General of the United Nations,
United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY 10017.

Subject: An appeal to end Human suffering in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

May God always bless you, your family and the United Nations. I avail this opportunity to send you, your family and your UN staff greetings for the holiday season (Eid, Hanukah and Christmas, etc.) and hope the coming year will be peaceful and free of violence. Amen. Also belatedly, I congratulate you for winning the Noble Peace Prize, and with this title, God had made you one of the most powerful and influential man on earth. Please remember that the sole advantage of power is that you can do more good for others, particularly those who are suffering under brutal occupation and oppression.     Mr. Secretary General, you will recall that after launching his military operation "Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan, President Bush (the most powerful man on earth) said, "we are waging a struggle for freedom". If President Bush has such intense feeling for Freedom, can the poor and weak people of Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine have a similar right to freedom? If so, how they should wage their freedom struggle against very powerful countries of Russia, India and Israel?  Will you help them? 

Mr. Secretary, the horrific events of September 11 were both mind-boggling and soul-searching. No decent person can refrain from condemning such suicide attacks in the strongest terms. The US-led forces must use all resources to eliminate those responsible for the attacks, rebuild Afghanistan, and help the poor Afghans - not the warlords. But parallel with the steps needed to achieve this should be efforts to remove the poverty and injustices (in Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine) that provide the conditions that create such despair in persons that they are moved to take such awful actions.       

Mr. Secretary, in order to end violence and bring peace in the world, you must show certain compassion, moral power and leadership to change the evil mind-set or evil ideas of Messrs Putin, Vajpayee, Saddam and Sharon to end the occupation and oppression in Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq and Palestine. President Nixon wrote in 'Beyond Peace', "Evil ideas inevitably fail because they are fundamentally at odds with human nature, but until they fail, they can do enormous damage to humanity." For example, Senator Jesse Helms wrote in WSJ, "… Putin's war against Chechnya has been more savage and devastating than the destruction Milosevic wrought on Kosovo…. Mr. Putin's blood-thirsty war against Chechnya has caused the deaths of more than 30,000 noncombatants, the dislocation of 600,000 civilians, and illegal incarceration of 20,000 Chechens." Mr. Putin can solve the conflict by fulfilling the promise made by Mr. Yeltsin and General Lebid to grant freedom to Chechens. In Kashmir, Indian forces, in addition to all sorts of atrocities, have raped thousands of Kashmiri women as a part of Indian government's strategy to humiliate Muslims. The Kashmir conflict can end through the UN Resolutions. In Iraq, Saddam's oppression continues, but UN sanctions alone have killed over 400,000 children. One way to end Saddam's rule is to end the UN sanctions. In Palestine, Mr. Sharon's bloodthirsty occupation continues with death, destruction, suffering and humiliation of Palestinians. The Mid-East conflict can be solved thorough the UN Resolutions 242, 338 and 194. The worse kind of terrorism is the occupation. Sixty percent of terrorism in the world is due to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and ten percent each due to Iraq, Kashmir and Chechnya. The majority of the world terrorism can end if a courageous leader like you can take charge and help end the injustices in these conflicts. Otherwise, in time, God will separate good from evil. 



Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, TX  75093.

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