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August 20, 2001


To: My Muslim brothers and sister in the United States and Canada

Dear Friends,

Assalamo-Alaikum. May Allah bless you all with excellent health, happiness and prosperity.

In the last few months, I have sent to you all (800 Muslim leaders, elites, medical doctors, professionals and others in the United States and Canada) a set of the appeal letters (copy enclosed) seeking your help to put a word of encouragement to Dr. Agha Saeed (President AMA), Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi (President ISNA), Imam W. D. Mohammed or any other leader listed in the letter dated May 14, 2001. Please send me a copy of your letter that you have sent to your favorite leader. If you have not taken any action so far, then, as a reminder, I request you to please write a letter now to the leader of your choice and send me a copy of your letter. Your letters will encourage me to keep the communication going with you, and will strengthen my resolve to continue the efforts on behalf of the suffering Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sure that all of you are concerned, feel the pain and pray for the suffering Muslims, and Allah will reward for that, but we need to do more than that. I hope you will find the time and write the letter within a week. Thanks and warm regards.




Mohammed Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane,
Plano, TX 75093.
Res. Tel: (972) 380-5106.

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