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October 31, 1999


Honorable Senator John McCain,
United States Congress, Washington, DC.
   IN GOD WE TRUST ( The QURAN  67 : 29 )

The Honorable Senator,

May God's blessing be always with you, your family and the United States of America. Amen. I wish it was possible for me to speak to a joint-session of the United States Congress - two-headed body made up of Senate and House of Representatives - and tell the tragic story of fifty-two years of Palestinian suffering brought about by the Israeli Occupation and Oppression since 1948; but I am just an ordinary man - not a Nelson Mandela - and such miracles rarely happen. So, I am writing an open appeal letter to each and every member of the Congress to seek FAIRNESS and JUSTICE for Palestinians. I have written appeal letters (copies enclosed) to Israeli and Jewish leaders but so far my efforts have been fruitless. I appeal to you because you are leaders of the most powerful country in the world, and more importantly you are Israel 's best friend. My objective is to touch or speak to the inner core of your heart because the HEART is not only a pumping machine but there is a DIVINE SPARK hidden in its mysterious makeup that is our conscience which tells us what is right or good and what is wrong or evil. At the annual convention of American Muslim Alliance, held in St. Louis in 1997, I asked Congressman Paul McCloskey "Why the continued Israeli occupation and suffering of Palestinians does not bother the conscience of Congress?" Mr. McCloskey replied "Congress has no conscience." I believe congressmen do have a conscience but when they are faced with an issue of Israeli interest, the situation temporarily dulls their mind and chills their bones because of the pressure of their colleagues in the Congress and the force of the Israeli lobby, as discussed in a brochure (copy enclosed) of the "Council for the National Interest (CNI.)"

Time ( past, present and future) - being a beautiful creation of God - is a witness to every evil and good that humans do in the world, and we - the people of Abrahamic Faith - believe in one God and that one day we will be accountable for our deeds. At the start of Twentieth Century, British Empire was at its zenith, but at the close of this bloody Century it is an ordinary country. As the new Century begins, the United States of America is the unchallenged champion of the world - in military and economic terms - and there is hope that it will become and remain a moral force in the world throughout the Twenty- First Century and beyond. It is disturbing to note that people like Patrick Buchanan and a majority of the   GOP members are drifting toward isolationism. It is not a good sign for the USA. President Clinton made a bad mistake but apologized to all for that, but he stood like a man - A NOBLE AMERICAN - in the face of EVIL in Kosova and prevailed. I applaud Senator McCain for his leadership and support to  President Clinton in that crisis; and I hope this man of honesty, integrity and courage is elected as the next President.

As the Israelis and Palestinians start the final negotiations this week, it is TIME to bring a peaceful end to the Middle East conflict. One hopes the peace is REAL and HONORABLE for both parties. Israel's new prime minister, Mr. Ehud Barak, - dubbed by his army friends as "little Napoleon" - appears to be a brave and an honest man, but so far he has not taken any bold and courageous step to advance the peace process. In fact he has a bizarre idea to build literal fences between Israeli and Palestinian populated areas, thus creating and adding a new element of future conflict in relationships. It is a typical characteristic of the  Israeli leadership to delay and create problems for themselves and others. A few historical examples:

1. Enclosed statement by American Muslims documents the atrocities committed by Israel since 1948.
2. In 1981, Israel bombed Iraqi nuclear reactor, and made Saddam Hussein more mad than he already was. Israel is happy that Saddam is "boxed in" but Iraqi sanctions are killing about 200 children a day. Both Saddam and Israel are beneficiaries of the genocidal act but the USA is being blamed. Where's the outrage?
3. Israel helped the development of Hamas to create an opposition for PLO, but now Hamas is the enemy.
4. Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 to pursue Palestinians. Hundreds of defenseless Palestinians, including women and children, were slaughtered in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps under the watchful eyes and ears of Ariel Sharon's noble soldiers. The invasion resulted in the creation of Hizbollah and the Shia suicide bombers. It stunned and silenced the prime minister of Israel, Mr. Begin, as he found himself responsible for the release of "suicide genie" out of  bottle. Israel can end the terror by pulling forces out of Lebanon.   
5. During Iran's conflicts with Iraq, Israel supplied weapons to Iran, but now Israel blames Iran for the actions of Hizbollah in southern Lebanon. In fact, the dual policy to contain Iran and Iraq is designed to benefit Israel. It seems Israel  is trying to create a wedge between the USA and the Muslim world. 
6.  News stories abound that Mossad, the Israeli secret service, had secretly taped the Clinton-Monica   conversations in order to blackmail President Clinton. The CNI states that "Mr. Netanyahu has promised to 'set fire to Washington' by using the total support that his government and country enjoy in Congress. In this threat, CNI reads a declaration of war on our government..."  Also, in a different time and place, it would be reasonable to seek pardon for an American spy who stole American secrets for Israel, but to blackmail President Clinton near the end of the serious peace talks at Wye is the most crude and indecent thing that an Israeli leader can do to  a friendly and generous country as the USA. Mr. Shamir, the former prime minister of Israel, openly admitted that they were trying to delay the peace talks in order to build more settlements in the occupied areas. Not too long ago, Mr. Ariel Sharon, a minister in Netanyahu government, told the Jewish settlers that " Palestinian state is coming, so grab as much Palestinian land as you can." This is like a day-time robbery and open lawlessness by a senior Israeli leader. What kind of leaders are these? It appears that in pursuit of their greed, the majority of Israeli leadership has lost all sense of decency. It is probably such an attitude of arrogance that angers the people of the world. Newsweek writes "In newly released White House tapes, President Nixon singles out Jewish Americans as natural political enemies and traitors." I believe President Nixon was not anti-Semitic, but he was very angry and just letting off steam. It is interesting to note that American Jewish Committee (AJC) put an Ad in the New York Times (copy enclosed) that states " Of all 188 member countries, only Israel - in a glaring example of inequality - is ineligible to serve on the Security Council, the world body's key deliberative group." It should be easy  for AJC to figure out why 15-member European Union countries refuse to help. Surely these countries are not anti-Semitic. Except the USA, all members of the UN are sub-consciously angry with Israel for their continued occupation of Arab lands, for creating misery for Palestinians and many other peoples in Middle East, and for not complying with any of the UN Resolutions on Palestine. 
7.  In order to achieve a lasting peace, Israel must talk to all factions of Palestinians, particularly  HAMAS. It is important to remember that a terrorist / extremist who engages in violent acts is not because somebody decided in the womb of his mother to be a terrorist, but because of acts of injustice and cruelty which lead people to commit these acts that are not permissible in Islam.(see enclosed letter on a friendly note.) In their early life, Mr. M. Begin and Y. Shamir were terrorists. In 1973,  Mr. Barak himself went to Beirut under disguise as a terrorist and killed three PLO leaders; and in 1988 directed the operation that killed Khalil al-Wazir who was Mr. Arafat's closest friend. Mr. Arafat himself was a terrorist but later on he won a Noble Peace Prize. Now both of the once terrorists are engaged in a fight for REAL PEACE.
At this TIME in history, God has put the Congress and President Clinton in a position to change the course of events in Middle East by convincing Israelis and American Jewish leaders that their ancestors suffered very much in the Holocaust and they must feel the pain of Palestinians and give them their human rights. Palestinian sufferings demand Fairness and Justice.  Please help them.

Thanks and good luck. Sincerely,



Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel : (972) 380-5106



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