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December 22, 1997

The First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton,
The White House,
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, DC 20500.

Dear First Lady,

My wife Aisha and I wish that Almighty God will grant the First Family the blessings of peace and justice during this sacred holiday season and throughout the years ahead. It is at a time like this that one feels certain compassion for those who are less fortunate or are suffering from inhumanity of man to man, such as the suffering Palestinians, Kashmiris, Bosnians, Chechens, etc. I always feel thankful and fortunate that God blessed me to live and raise my family in the USA, a beautiful and blessed country inhabited by the most generous people on earth; and among the best Americans are three members of the First Family. In spite of  the tremendous abuse by the political and other adversaries, both the President and you have shown high degree of calmness and humility - a rare human character. The president hardly gets angry at his critics because he considers them a nuisance like mosquitoes: " How do you put up with mosquitoes in summertime in Arkansas? You just swat them and go on, it's part of living." President Clinton is a man of remarkable qualities, but what impresses me the most is his ability to focus on issues at hand, his humbleness and humane qualities. The president's focus on providing jobs to millions of jobless men and women proves his feel for the common person. His eloquent composure and genuine feelings of compassion expressed at occasions of American tragedies (Oklahoma bombing, floods, earthquakes, WW II ceremonies, etc.) show his true nature as the most decent man. I personally believe his election over a popular President Bush was a divine intervention to give an opportunity to a new and a decent man to do good not only for Americans but also for the other needy people around the world. The president wanted and could have ended the Bosnian tragedy earlier in his presidency if George Stephanopoulos had been less sympathetic to the Serbian cause. However, it is better late than never; and I strongly support President's decision to keep the American troops in Bosnia till the noble job is reasonably done. ( If American troops want to come home early, then they should catch the Serbian war criminal R. Karazdic and put him in a jail in the Hague, permanently.) The president has done a lot of good things for the people of this great country. His initiative to appoint a panel and open up debate on the race relations in America is a courageous move.  It is wonderful to see the President and the First Lady discussing race issues face to face with  young people in Akron and in Boston. One of the most impressionable and good thing that Americans and others should learn from both of you is the remarkable way you have brought up your loving daughter, Chelsea. She appears to have all the good qualities of her great and wonderful parents. May God bless her.   

Dear Mrs. Clinton, I had sent in February 1995 my first appeal letter (copy enclosed) requesting you to speak to President Clinton so that he can persuade President Yeltsin to stop the brutal war in Chechnya. It may be a mere coincidence but since that time the First Lady has shown a remarkably deeper interest in the welfare of the American Muslims, the second largest religious minority in the United States. It was the first time in history that America's First Lady had hosted a reception on February 20, 1996 in the executive office building adjacent to the White House to celebrate the largest Islamic holiday of Eidul Fitr. Speaking at the event, attended by 100 Muslim families from around the USA, the First Lady said: " The values that lie at the heart of Ramadan - faith, family, community and responsibility for the less fortunate - resonate with all peoples of the earth." The First Lady also said that the Clinton family's first exposure to Islam came from their daughter Chelsea who had taken a course in Islamic history. On the same day, President Clinton said : " As the new moon ushers in this holy celebration, let me say to all who follow the faith of Islam here in the United States and around the world the traditional greetings: Assalamo-Alaikum - may peace be with you and may God grant you health and prosperity now and in the years ahead." I believe this event, in which the First Family played a pioneering role, will mark a watershed point in the history of the American Muslims. Since that time, the First Lady, occasionally accompanied by Chelsea, has visited many Muslim countries around the world, including Pakistan, Bosnia and recently the central Asian countries. It is obvious that the First Family attaches great importance to the Muslim world. As a member of the Muslim community, I salute you for your efforts to bridge the gap between the West and  Muslim world. This noble act will remain forever enshrined in the hearts and minds of Muslims around the world.

Dear Mrs. Clinton, in my first letter to you dated February 19, 1995, I had written that sooner or later  Chechnya will be free because Chechens hunger for freedom and independence can never be defeated or destroyed, and that has come true.  Also, in March 1997, I had written letters (copies enclosed ) suggesting that " Iran will elect a new leader and a Parliament in May 1997, and this will create a new opportunity for President Clinton to act boldly to start a dialogue with Iran." This prediction also has come true.

Dear First Lady, it is the duty of every human being to try to do something that will make this world a   better and peaceful place to live. After the collapse of the Communism in 1989, the Old World Order ( a bi-polar world divided between Soviet Union and the West ) had ended, and there was hope that as the bloody century wanes a New World Order will emerge. But so far we haven't seen any framework for the Order. A new opportunity has arisen in Iran to end hostilities between America, Iran and Arabs. The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah or the Pakistani Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, can help America to initiate a dialogue with Iran, and this opening will provide tremendous opportunities for American Oil Companies to tap petroleum resources in Iran and new Muslim States of Central Asia. It is a great opening for  President Clinton to show visionary leadership to establish a framework for the New World Order. The President has an agenda for the next three years, and I hope he can also add this idea on his list. This is why I decided to write this letter to you so that you can discuss and plead the case for the good of the people of the world. I seek your help for two reasons: 1) God has blessed you with unlimited qualities. One of your superior quality is that you are an excellent mother and mothers know better what is good for their families.  Mr. Khatami, Iran's President, was elected by a massive vote of the mothers and grand-mothers who knew that their children have no future unless there is a positive change in Iranian government. So, the mothers have created a new chance for both America and Iran. 2) You are the best and trusted friend of the President.

The future of the New World Order is tied to the peaceful solution of the Palestine issue. President Clinton must  know that there can be no peace or security for anyone unless Palestinians receive a FAIR deal and  JUSTICE, as discussed in my appeal letter (copy enclosed) to the Jewish intellectuals and American policy-makers to help end the Palestinian sufferings, forever. Muslims all over the world are frustrated that Israel was forcibly implanted in what had been Arab Palestine. Terrorism exists because of Israel's arrogance to continue the occupation of Arab lands. Terrorism will end instantly as soon as Israel withdraws from southern Lebanon, from Golan Heights and Palestinian lands. Israel and their Jewish Lobby in America  is spreading the wrong idea that Islamic fundamentalism is the successor to Communism as a global threat to the New World Order. Islamic fundamentalism is definitely not some state-sponsored conspiracy against the West. The Muslims are caught up in the historical tragedy produced by centuries of intellectual and cultural retreat, and they know that neither fundamentalism nor terrorism will bring back their glory days. The Unites States cannot successfully deal with the Muslim world so long as it is content to think and debate in false terms as suggested by the Jewish world. I respectfully appeal to President Clinton to use his God given ability to help in ending Palestinian sufferings, open up a dialogue with Iran, and then set up the New World Order to usher an era of peace and prosperity in the world. Good luck and warm regards.

Mr. M. Khaliq Qureshi,
1317 Shamrock Lane, Plano, Texas 75093.
Res. Tel : (972) 380-5106
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