building a second story patio

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Apr , Older houses such as ours have small closets, making closet space a precious commodity Since our laundry room is in the middle of the second floor, I keep two large hampers in the laundry room and we put our dirty clothes directly in these hampers rather than keeping hampers in our rooms In addition

One would consist of an expansive kitchen family room with a master suite above it, in place of the flimsy back porch the other, an innovative tower on the east side of the building, connected to the front by the rebuilt porch, would contain a small library on the main floor, a new upstairs hall bathroom, and a lookout room,

Apr , When it comes to creating extra room, a mezzanine or loft level can be your best friend A mezzanine floor doesn t need to be open to the room below like a balcony if privacy is required Here, an internal window lets in light from the space below As already outlined, skylights are unlikely to prompt

Feb , Some resemble rooftop fishing shacks with amazing outdoor space, others may just be a generic high floor apartment with a balcony, says Roberts, who advises, If eliminating stomping neighbors overhead is your main concern, then obviously you d avoid buildings with communal roof terraces, and

And so begins the story of a renovation in which adding a porch where one had long ago been removed took on major significance, in effort, expense, and impact (clapboards on first floor and porch, piers and also the inset shingled archway over the front stairs), Stuart Gold HC (shingles on second and third floor),

Oct , No one wants their co op s balcony to collapse, but on the flip side, no shareholder wants to shell out a bunch of money to replace the building s balconies unless it s Brick Underground articles occasionally include the expertise of, or information about, advertising partners when relevant to the story.

Aug , A bent balcony railing on the th floor of the building where Jennifer Rosoff fell to her death on Thursday Credit Michael Appleton for The New York I was meeting someone for coffee today and the second they got off the elevator they said I had the worst e mail The subject was Jenn Rosoff died .

Jun , The following steps are intended to help crystallize your thinking, prioritize your planning steps, and present you with the assortment of possibilities that will make your covered structure all you imagine it can be Traditional Patio by Matt Clawson Matt Clawson Function What do you hope to achieve with

May , This was no small task because they decided to cut through the brick patio and underlying concrete before learning it was thick Save Save This allowed them to double check level and distance from the house across the entire gap, and make adjustments as needed to each post Save Again

Sep , I waited five hours before applying the second coat Tip Start painting farthest from the door or exit so as not to box yourself in with paint by Christina Katos Christina Katos The next day I applied one coat of Benjamin Moore s Floor and Patio paint in Decorators White This paint is meant for all interior and

Apr , Homeowners Shannon and Scott loved their home, except for one problem their two story house didn t have a bathroom on the first floor So Scott and Shannon turned to architect Andrew Mikhael, who identified a spot where they could add a bathroom, without adding to the home s foundation at all.

Sep , Regulations vary by city and state, so be sure to do your homework before adding a guesthouse or similar second dwelling to your property This includes the main structure, garages, impervious driveways, swimming pools, patios, decks and parking spaces, Pahl says The city also requires building

No matter what style your house is, the trick for any addition is to make it appear as if it were always there, says This Old House master carpenter Norm Abram It s a challenge he and the rest of the crew helped tackle on the latest TOH TV project, a house in Los Angeles s densely built Silver Lake neighborhood.

I currently own a raised ranch in Coventry RI in which my wife and I are looking in to creating a bigger living space in for when we decide to However, we didn t have a second story so that might effect it The value increased about k but I was able to work with the floor plan in a very natural way.

As I mentioned, this was not quite as much as I hoped I had to reset my jack a little further out, and a step down, to the flagstone paver that sits just below the porch For this second pass, I was able to squeeze out about another ? (for an inch and total) This was about enough to get my beam to perfectly level.

Dec , As a quick recap, the old deck used to serve as a back exit to the first floor apartment, the second floor apartment and, at the time, it was the only way to gain access to the attic Over the last From laying the pavers to building a table, trellises and feet of planter boxes, we had a busy, rewarding summer!