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Sep , The green roof atop both structures is designed as a acre high performance open space park with the distinction of being the first permitted green roof stormwater detention facility in the State of Missouriand the The second floor balcony and interior dining room are directly adjacent to the green roof.

Nov , In June , during the second Opium War, Britain and France, in cahoots with the other major European powers and the United States, forced China to sign the Treaty of Tianjin Britain waged the Opium War so its merchants could flood China with cheap heroin, cultivated by other British merchants in

It is important to make the distinction between these groups PMO This office, located above Splash Cafe is run by hired staff that manage the daily operations of ATC They are the first point of contact for all residents The PMO responsibilities include looking after accounts, responding to residents concerns complaints,

Aug , Interior designer Letitia Holloway of Myers Designs and Debbie Wiener, owner of Designing Solutions, are well versed in this transformation and the complications that come with Save money by leaving beams exposed or the ceiling unfinished it will give your new cozy bedroom a feeling of distinction.

Jul , A particularly ingenious way to incorporate the slatted deck as a safety measure is to fit it onto a track that can slide into a recess under the floor Naturally, this will require extra planning and expense, but it s a great solution if you want a little flexibility in your bath and shower setup but don t want the hassle

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But as I sat contemplating these changes on the balcony of my hotel room that evening, I did a business plan to provide high end Internet solutions for big companies Two years ago, though, I went to a several floors with rooms full of twenty somethings some twenty five hundred in all working the phones Some are

Jul , But the favorites this quarter had many more practical solutions While the not working This is a great solution for a bedroom, family room or living room that needs a workspace within it The one here is in the middle of the first floor, complete with two desks and a view of the family room The French

Jan , Three floorstwo above ground, one beloware dedicated to gallery space, while the top floor includes an ample multiuse space, café, and public terrace with sweeping The project was awarded LEED Silver Certification, one of the oldest and most notable buildings in the country with such distinction.

May , I am sorely in need of some solution for a bulb change on a similar located chandelier but I think lowering the entire thing is a bit overly deisgned It would I can safely hand onto a live V lead without any problems at all mostly because I am not touching a ground and my floors are carpet and wood.

Dec , By consulting with the neighbours and taking on board their previous concerns, we managed to develop a solution that was acceptable to them and made the housing projects in the city, including a row of terraced homes featuring monolithic brick facades punctuated by recessed arches and balconies.

May , Said use may be in a) primer, floating screed, floor coatings, spray coatings and or sealants, on, preferably, primed building surfaces, b) roof coatings or paints and c) sealing of open cast or Prior to rehabilitation, it must be checked whether the balcony floor slab has still a load bearing capacity.

Jul , His architecture grew out from his art, and he didn t make much of a distinction between a model for a utopian village where cows graze on roofs and a wall It goes on An uneven and animated floor means to recover dignity of man which has been violated in our unnatural and hostile urban grid system.

Nov , Often referred to as one of the world s most persecuted minorities, they hold the distinction of being the largest group of stateless people, and perhaps the only one that has been almost completely But the body s idiosyncratic funding scheme operates in six month intervals, hindering long term solutions.

Aug , This sounds like an actual solution Another thing I had learned before (from The Voice Lady) was to figuratively send your words downwards toward the floor of your mouth when you speak, instead of She stood on the balcony, inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping, and amicably welcome him in .

The Russian negotiators, however, refused to accept this offer and instead insisted that everybody be released, without any distinction between foreigners and As the terrorists and hostages alike began to fall unconscious, several of the female terrorists made a dash for the balcony but passed out before they reached the

Aug , Designed as a Leeds Gold rated green office building, the project is iconic in form with a series of stepped terraces starting from the ground floor roof up to the th floor, where the terraces transform into large deck balconies until the th floor and eventually go on to become large terraced lawns up to the

Jul , There s only one real highway across this thing, the , which has the dubious distinction as busiest and most traffic jammed highway in the world I select one of the nicest looking listings at random, because it overlooks a park with floor to ceiling windows, has a sweet balcony, granite and stainless

May , PHOTO Nicholas Gingold Craft Media Solutions We re in the golden age of American craft beer, and there s no sign of it First, Phantom Carriage only produces sours, making it the only the brewery in LA with that distinction Second, its tap room atmosphere is unparalleled The whole decor scheme is

Nov , roding mentions Jeffrey Shallit s critique of CSI, which is years old now, but none of the subsequent work that more than sufficiently answers the However, the in beach front development in Kansas, where they can enjoy a breathtaking view of three oceans from the same all around balcony is hard

Apr , PalletFest has the distinction of being the first upcycling focused festival in the United States, and it all revolves around, of course, pallets palletfest Upcycled wine bottles are used in the staircase railings, along the outdoor balcony, a simple, elegant trademark that s noticeable even from the street.

Mar , The floor plan solution is based on the geometric process of double symmetry , as in the ambigrams, which are words or figures that can be read alike when It also has to do with the fact that the building, as a free block, is perceived as a piece in which there is no distinction between front and rear or

Sep , This is especially true in an open floor plan, where there aren t walls to distinguish one space or function from another That s why The easiest solution is to use matching rugs While that In this example, the areas serve the same function, so there s no need to create a great distinction between them.

Jun , During the cold seasons, the thermal curtain reduces the house floor area and takes advantage of the thermal mass of the masonry heater During A life on a remote site asks for solutions of different questions How can one create a harmony of working on the countryside and living on the countryside

Jul , The heart is sorely charg d. What is the significance of this particular quote from Shakespeare s Macbeth, one of the immortal bard s many tragedies In order to answer that question, I think it ll be illuminating to go back a tiny bit in the play Lady Macbeth Yet here s a spot Out, damned spot! out, I say!