composite metal deck thickness

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(Cl ) This invention relates in general to structural composite beams employing steel for tensile strength and concrete for compressive strength and The present state of the art would require a Wide Flange beam having a weight of pounds per lineal foot with a bottom flange cover plate having a cross

, A floor system for residential and light commercial construction utilizing the composite action of a thin concrete slab and cold formed steel sections A comparatively high load capacity is achieved with minimum floor thickness for short and medium spans The composite action is achieved by a bond bar

, However, past composite applications, such as concrete filled steel tubes and composite floor decks, mostly involve combining steel and concrete in various forms, and are primarily used in commercial buildings and infrastructures There is practically no composite application in light framed structures.

, A conventional corrugated deck material is used with many roof structures A strap structure is provided for engaging the corrugations of the deck material so that a conventional ceiling suspension runner for a suspended ceiling system may be suspended from the strap structure.

, Once the installation of all the anchors is complete on the floor of a building, concrete is poured over the metal deck , to the required thickness, holding the threaded stud in place The threaded end of steel descending through the floor is actually descending from the ceiling of the floor

The composite concrete and electrified metal decking floor of claim wherein each of said cover plates comprises and the lower portion of said sidewall is greater than the radius of curvature of the connection of the upper side of said groove and said crest by little more than the thickness of said metal decking members,.

, There are several limitations or disadvantages to such a conventional composite metal concrete deck floor First there is a tradeoff in decking metal thickness A heavier gauge metal is unnecessary in the bottom or horizontal portion of the metal deck but would add load carrying capacity to the assembly in

, Unlike, composite open web steel joists supporting simple span metal decks, the shear connection ready joist incorporates a fiat topped chord to allow The limitations of this composite girder are the thickness of cover concrete available for composite action, and the expense of the extension and the

, A method of building a roof wherein a horizontally disposed roof deck assembly is formed comprising a sheet of corrugated steel material, preferably having a symmetrical rib pattern wherein the quantity of steel is equally distributed above and below a neutral axis a sheet of insulation material and a sheet

, Improved corrugated steel decking of the type having plural crest surfaces, plural valley surfaces and plural sloping web surfaces connecting each crest surface to the In such composite floor buildings, both the concrete and steel contribute to the ultimate load carrying capability of the building floor.

Mar , The sandwich plates may be constructed with either a solid plastic core or a composite core consisting of plastic, metal plates or structural shapes and forms A bridge deck panel according to any one of the preceding claims wherein said upper metal plate has a thickness in the range of from to mm,

, The composite joist floor system includes joists supported by supporting members Corrugated steel decking is positioned over the joists such that the corrugations are substantially perpendicular to the joists Self drilling, self tapping, stand off screws are spaced along the length of the joist, aligned with the

, A reinforced concrete deck structure particularly adaptable for bridge spans is made up of superimposed layers of concrete with a corrugated metal pan Numerous types of reinforced concrete slabs have been devised as a part of structural assemblies, such as for example, for absorbing weight bearing

Effect of shear connector spacing and layout on the shear connector capacity in composite beams J Qureshi The influence of profiled sheeting thickness and shear connector s position on strength and ductility of headed shear connector Behaviour of headed shear stud in composite beams with profiled metal decking.

, A precast composite flooring system utilizes girders and floor panels having steel lower structures placed in tension and concrete upper structures places in compression Openings The floor system of claim , wherein the ridge has a height which is about half the thickness of the floor deck The floor

United States Patent [ Folley e , BUILDING STRUCTURE FORMED OF FLAT CORRUGATED STEEL DECKING Inventor Milo D Folley, It will also be understood that the thickness or metal gauge of all the panels herein described as well as the corrugation depth may be varied according to loading

, showing an undulating metal structure having, for example, a coverage, parts a and b have no interlocking effect with a poured concrete slab poured on top of the deck (not shown) However, by forming upper dove tailed flange a and lower dove tailed flange b of the same thickness, as shown in

Here s how to go about it Cut thick lumber to length for the frame Attach metal covers to electrical junction boxes, and move any electrical wires out of the way or notch the frame to fit around them Build a frame on centers perpendicular to the attic floor joists Screw the frame to the joists to secure it in place, making

, The composite steel and concrete floor construction of claim and wherein said greater thickness of said concrete slab means at a truss line extends upwardly and away from a truss line at shows the invention as applied to a deep web top chord of the truss with conventional joist and deck construction.

Watch this video to find out how to clean and refinish the metal ironwork on your house Remove Rust Use a wire brush or rotating wire drill attachment to remove all the rust from the surface of the metal Clean Surface Wipe down the metal of the finish paint Remember several light coats are better than one thick coat.

, A deck for a bridge superstructure having a plurality of support beams extending longitudinally along the length of the bridge, and erected at predetermined spaced locations across the width of the bridge to define a separation, the support beams each having a plurality of beam anchors secured to the